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Gamified Publishing

SharedReviews is for Sale!

We wanted to thank everyone for their participation and interest in SharedReviews over the years. With great sadness it's time we announced that we have shut down the site, and seeking a new owner with more resources that can take SharedReviews to the next level.

We wanted to thank all of our authors and participants over the years. Although it's sad to see things end, we feel truly blessed having been able to be a part of this great community of authors. We pray every one of you finds great success publishing online.

Our Mission

Content has always been the lifeblood of the Internet. With an industry focusing on how to improve the quality of content everywhere, both new and experienced content creators have been frustrated with the tools that are available to ensure their content is both engaging and viral.

Through years of experience we've developed technology and processes that we feel accurately identifies signals of quality engaging content, and we built this site to showcase how it can be leveraged in the real world of online publishing.

What is Sharedreviews?
18,145 players strong and growing!

Sharedreviews is a publishing platform like no other. It leverages gamification backed by a proprietary content analysis algorithm to offer writers and editors an experience that makes the art of web publishing both engaging and fun! The main principles behind our design philosophy are:

  • Most importantly, make the art of writing and publishing fun!
  • Offer writers the ability to connect and interact socially, strength and learning come in numbers
  • Make sure good work is promoted, from search engines to the social graph
  • Offer unparalleled feedback tools (system and social) to improve quality
  • Offer an environment where quality publishing and editorializing are recognized and rewarded
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