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Our Founders

Everyone knows that content is king, but making sure it's of the highest quality in order to create egagement and improve virality isn't easy. In recent years user generated content sites have gotten a bad wrap for proliferating low quality and thin content.

In order to improve the landscape, we use gamification and a unique approach to content analysis to bring writers, editors, and amazing content closer together.

Peter Ejtel: Founder - CEO
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Peter Ejtel Peter brings 17 years of experience focused on technology and the Internet, and fits the classic definition of an entrepreneur having founded multiple startups throughout his career. He believes the content industry needs to be improved, and went so far as to learn to code himself in order to share a vision of how we can do that together.

His experience includes working as the President and Founder of Route Net Corp. (1001Canada.com), Channel Sales Manager for Tucows.com Inc., Regional Sales Manager for WWWI, Strategic and Operational Consultant for GoBIGmedia.com, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Tele-Global Direct Corp, and most important of all... Father and Husband to an amazing and supportive family.

Frank Michlick: Co-founder

Frank Michlick Frank is an Internet specialist who brings over 12 years of Business and Technology expertise in the Internet vertical, with many accomplishments building and consulting for Web Development projects since 1995.

His professional experience includes President and Founder of Degap Ltd., President and Founder of Cyberteam.com, Senior Sales Engineer at Tucows.com Inc., and publisher of the renowned DomainNameNews.com.

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