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12 Volt Minuterie Oven A Brilliant Idea For Mobile Hot Food

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Oven in the car.

I want to talk to you about an oven, not the most interesting subject, but this one is powered by the battery of your car! This means you can enjoy hot food on the go. Just imagine going on a "road trip", having to depend on diners and cafes, hoping you will find one open, praying you will be able to park close by. You may end up in a queue, wishing you had some hot food in the comfort of your car. Well this could be your answer.

The oven is made by a company called Minuterie, which I had never heard of. It is, as stated earlier, twelve volts, and is rated at 100 Watts. There is no temperature control, it is either on or off, but seems to be set at a constant moderate heat. It is fitted with a timer, which can be set to turn off anywhere up to fifteen minutes. When this does turn off, it makes a "ping" to let you know. I often have to set it for another fifteen minutes, but this is not a problem.

The dimensions are six inches by four, by ten inches. This Minuterie oven is small enough to pack into a bag for transport, but is a little small for some foods, (I have had to cut sausage rolls in two to get them in) But seems to be just right for most pies, pasties etc. It is possible to actually burn the contents, but not until they have been in for an hour or so. There is no light inside the oven. A standard pie takes around 30 minutes to be heated through, but a sausage roll takes only half that.

The front has a drop down clear glass door, so you can see your food cooking. Inside there is a shelf, which will fit at two different heights. The plug is one that fits into a cigarette lighter socket, but I have plans to make up an adaptor, so it will be possible to clip it straight on to a battery, this is because I use it in various trucks, which do not always have cigarette lighter sockets. You do have to be careful not to plug it into a twenty-four volt socket, which would burn the oven out.

So far, I have cooked pies, pasties, sausage rolls, oven chips, and even boiled some water in a Tuna tin! I suppose in theory you could try vegetables, stew, or soup in a tin, covered with Aluminium foil, something I have not tried yet. As usual, you need to remember ovens get hot, so this has to be secure. There is a red light to show it is on, so you can't really forget about it. The interior is a wipe clean surface, as is the exterior.

It is a nice feeling, knowing that you can slip something into the Minuterie oven, and when the "ping" alerts you, simply pull into the next lay-by to enjoy piping hot food. This little marvel does not weigh much, and takes up very little room. It can be used in your car, truck, boat, or even aeroplane!

I gave a few pounds for this, second hand, but I wish I had got one years ago; it is so versatile, and a comfort to know it is there. I have looked for a website, but this company is in France, and either does not have one, or perhaps they are no longer trading. You will find plenty by other companies, but the Minuterie gets my seal of approval, and I welcome any comments, good or bad. Thank you.