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2007 Sweet Spot Baseball Tin Review

By civilwarbuff on
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2007 Sweet Spot baseball has always been a popular brand with collectors. Collectors are drawn to the Sweet Spot signatures on palls, bats, and gloves. Sweet Spot is a brand that always maintains a steady resale valuePrevious brands consisted of the hits spread out throughout a 24 pack box. 2007 Sweet Spot conisted of a loaded pack, with 6 cards per "pack", which really was a tin. How does this time tested brand stand up? Does the new format turn off collectors who fear the risk of a quick "boom or bust" product?

Packaging: The cards come nicely secured in a pack whick is set in a holder. The holder is placed into an attractive metal tin. It really makes you feel like the product is $200, not $50.

Base Cards [2 per box]. I got Kenji Johjima and Mike Piazza, both are numbered /850. While the base do look nice, they are not the main draw, and I would rather have an extra hit insted.

Jerseys:[2] Craig Biggio and Tim Hudson. Solis players, though the swatches were white. I was slightly dissapointed that a product of this quality would contain simple white jerseys. Patches can also replace the jerseys, and they come as a case hit [20 tins per case].

Rookie Helmet [1]. These are hand signed autographs on card with a plastic helmet of the player's team embedded inside. I got Alex Gordon. He is one of the better players to get, and these sell for good money and look good.

Sweet Spot Sig- [1] I got Darrell Rasner of the Yankees. /399. It is the regular signed on ball with blue ink. The bad thing is it is faded so his auto is blurry. I have seen cards in whick the auto fades completely off, but only for the ball style.These cards have the real stitching, and really make good focal points for your collection as well as attractive display pieces.

2007 Sweet Spot is a good brand that I highly reccomend.