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2010 Elections: Showbiz Meets Politics

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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In the recent Philippines' 2010 Elections there are many showbiz personalities, active and inactive, who filed their candidacy eyeing on the different positions of the land from President down to the level of Councilor. Is there any law being violated by these celebrities? Actually none but the issue of exposure and name recall always entail on every showbiz personality's candidacy. Politicians and other candidates not coming from showbiz see the edge of these artists when it comes to exposure in the tri-media and even in the big screen. They find it hard to have a celebrity opponent especially those who really created their stars in showbiz world.

But given the results of the recent elections, it shows that people especially voters gradually mature in choosing their leaders. Yes there may be many showbiz personalities who run in the elections and many of them succeeded but unfortunately for others it's not yet time for public service. But why do these showbiz personalities enter the world of politics? Honestly I don't know exactly why. Did they enter showbiz as stepping stone to be future public servant? Will they also be corrupt as public servant? There are many celebrities then and now who enter politics. Some did their jobs well while others face issue of corruptions.

Aside from the issue of celebrities running for public office, one hot issue during election season is the endorsements of these stars. Traditional politicians get known and famous artists as endorsers to level the campaign field. Some are effective while some failed. Are they getting paid for that? Maybe yes, maybe no. Among celebrity endorsers in the recent election are Dolphy & Willie Revillame for Manny Villar, Sarah Geronimo for Loren Legarda, Ruffa Gutierrez for Gibo Teodoro, etc.

In the issue of "showbiz meets politics, " the society gradually matures and learns from it. It understands more now that voting for the popular and famous is not the answer towards progress and better Philippines.