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2012 The End Of The World?

tracy mcdaniel By tracy mcdaniel on
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Many people online have been writing about 2012 and the end of the world but every person out there should do there own research on the matter and dig deeper on every part of the 2012 talk. Science: I have been doing my own reading and watching videos and I have found a lot of scientific reports and studies online that dose point to some kind of world doom and to find out about the scientific part of the 2012 up coming events going on, you need to do your own research on Polar Shift, Shifting Poles Theory, 2012 magnetic field, sun solar flares, solar storms on the sun, Planet X, massive black hole, Resonance, and Apocalypse. Some people turn to science and for answers when global matters come up that relate to science. You can find a lot of information about 2012 in the science world online and I will tell everyone to take a look into it and do your own research.

Religious: I will say that I believe to God and have asked Jesus to come into my heart as my savior and I have also been researching the religious part that many are talking about online that deals with 2012. Again I will tell everyone to do there own research on the religious part of 2012 and some things you might want to do some online searches about doomsday, Mayan 2012, Crevolations, judgment day, Dresden Codex, Sun Ages, Nostradamus Predicts 2012, and second coming of Christ.

I also will recommend people to watch documentaries online and you can visit the following site, freedocumentaries.net. This site has a lot of good documentaries on many subjects and I feel they are a good tool when researching.

4 Documentaries That You Should Watch

1. Doomsday 2012 -The End of Days

2. The 11th Hour

3. The Sustainable City

4. Kymatica

The are a lot of people preparing for 2012 and survival groups are forming. The European Government has already begun to build survival bunkers and other places around the world are also starting there own survival plans. As for the Government of the United States, I have no clue what they are doing about the 2012 situation but I have read many reports online that state the U.S Government is keeping tight lipped about the matter and they do not want to talk due to the fact they do not want people to panic. Do your own research on 2012 and decide for your self what to believe.