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3 M Filtrete Filters For Better Indoor Air Quality

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Air quality is an important aspect of life. Pollutants can make breathing difficult. Pollen, mold spores, lint and cigarette smoke particles can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Air that is circulated through a heating and cooling system can increase air-borne particles or allergens, making breathing even more difficult. A good air filter can trap many of these particles or allergens, providing a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

I replaced the filter in my home heating and cooling system with a 3M Filtrete 1085 MPR air cleaning filter. The MPR (Microparticle Performance Rating) rates how effective a filter is at capturing the smallest airborne particles and allergens. A 3M Filtrete 1085 MPR air cleaning filter is effective at attracting and capturing allergens such as pollen, mold spores, lint and dust mite debris. The electrostatically charged fibers will also attract and capture microscopic particles such as smoke, pet dander and household dust.

The 3M Filtrete 1085 MPR air cleaning filter is framed in a solid cardboard container on all sides. The cardboard container fitted snugly in the furnace filter compartment when I installed the filter. Other filters that are open on one end will fit loosely in the furnace filter compartment. A snug filter ensures that circulating air will go through the filter and not around it. The 3M Filtrete 1085 MPR air cleaning filter is the best quality filter that I have purchased for my home.

Whether your home heating system has a gas furnace like my home, an oil furnace, an electric furnace, or a heat pump, frequently changing the air cleaning filter will help it run more efficiently. Any HVAC (heating - ventilation - air conditioning) system that utilizes forced air can benefit from a clean filter. A 3M Filtrete 1085 MPR air cleaning filter should be changed every three months. The filter should be installed so that the flow arrow on the filter is in-line with the circulating air of the heating or air conditioning system. There should be an arrow on the furnace or central air system to indicate the air flow direction.

A 3M Filtrete 1085 MPR air cleaning filter helps my heating and cooling system run more efficiently while providing better indoor air quality, which helps me sleep more peaceably at night.