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4 Pets For Dummies

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Really, I'm sure you're no dummy. Maybe you're looking for a pet that has little to no mess, is really low maintenance, or a first pet for a child. Maybe you're interested in a pet that simply isn't interested in you, or isn't needed to be walked every two hours? If so, these little creatures are your ticket to hassle-free companionship! Note that this article doesn't tell you on the type of habitat that these pets require to survive, but gives you ideas on types of pets to consider. Betta fish - these fishy friends are incredibly hardy. While I don't recommend keeping them in the Tupperware cups they are sold in, Betta fish can survive in tall vases AND aquariums (with the latter preferred). I currently have my little guy living in a 10 gallon and he's quite pleased. Not only are these little fish adaptable, they are easy to replace with a new one if one dies while your child is at school!

Hermit Crabs -- they're called hermit crabs for a reason. All they do is hide in their little shells. Sure they pinch, but only when they're frightened of falling - so don't force them to go on airplanes! Hermit crabs prefer to live in small groups, but beware - sometimes they enjoy cannibalism. This is the coolest thing about these crabs -- they eat just about anything! Have chicken for dinner? Save a little piece for Herman the Hermit! (raw, of course) Anything from popcorn to marshmellows are on these little creature's diet.

Chia Pets -- nothing could be more exciting than have grass as a pet! Except maybe everything else on this list.

Nanopets -- $10 bucks and you've got yourself a pet that doesn't smell, teaches responsibility without the guilt of death, and won't get upset if you lose it between the couch cushions. Wait.. do they even sell these anymore?

Happy pet hunting!