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4 Rules To Survive And Thrive On The Internet

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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The internet is a vast and often unpredictably bad virtual world where the only real thing is us and our wisdom. More than five years of a vibrant affair with the internet have taught me some fundamental things. Internet bullies, online love frauds, money malice, 'Howdy?' stuffs- all are but offshoots of negligent, uninformed and extremely shoddy brains.

I have learned that we must be wise and responsible with our internet deportment. We must know the decorum of each particular interactive site, must be conversant with the guidelines and most importantly we must learn to laugh at ourselves. Without a sense of humor, trust me, it's hard to survive on the internet.

My initial dilemma, resulting understanding and the subsequent growth have taught me some important rules to survive on the internet. Here's what I learned:

Rule 1# : Do not reveal too many of your personal details

Stop the blaming game. Stop bashing the growth of the internet itself for cyber scams and fraud from web based sources. Be responsible and wise; know the whats, whys and hows of it. I know, a lot has been said about not exposing our personal details on internet. And yet again, I would say the same thing. Don’t give out too many of your personal details on the internet.

Rule 2#: Follow the rules and guidelines of the sites

Read the guidelines and don't try to be adventurous by breaking them. I would like to respect any site by following the guidelines to the best of my ability. There's nothing great about breaking the rules. You follow the rules, be a perfect netizen and you still stand a chance to be a rebel in other ways, if that is what you intend to be.

Rule 3#: Keep your sense of humor

Have the right spirit and laugh at yourself when the situation demands. it The virtual world attracts various kind of weirdoes, and having a sense of humor makes things easier and better for us. Don't hold back, there's nothing wrong in laughing at ourselves! Being stupid is sometimes good, isn't it! Let go, forget and move on. I have noticed that people with a less sense of humor in real life struggle more to survive in the virtual world. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. We should be more receptive to criticism. Life is full of critiques; just strain it, absorb the important particles and laugh off the craps.

Rule 4#: Report those who break the rules

Be a responsible netizen and responsibly report spams, scams, plagiarism and all raging fraudulent activities. With farcical cyber laws and weak enforcement of those, the only option to protect our copyright is to report and report more.