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5 Classic Books That Won't Wreck Your Brain

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As a student of the English language, I know good English.. and I know bad English. Have you ever felt lost while trying to read Pride & Prejudice or The Odessy? Does Shakespeare make your head spin? I'm not saying that these classics contain "bad" English; I'm saying that sometimes, the language being used just isn't practical. For those of you who agree with me and don't find some classic novels practical, I'm compiled a small list of read-able classic novels, more of which are to be added as I discover them myself.

Fried Green Tomatoes at Whistle Stop Cafe -- I'm a sucker for novels/movies that are set in the deep south, and this novel is no exception. Fried Green Tomatoes is an easy read with characters that are just so-darn-sweet that you're bound to get diabetes just from reading the dialogue. Since this book is a light read, and hard to put down, you'll be done so fast that you'll have to move on to..

To Kill a Mockingbird -- If you haven't had to read this in High School English, read it now. Another easy read with a scrappy protagonist that is sure to have you sucked into the story line before you realize you've left the deep fryer on.

Watership Down -- If you're an animal lover, don't read this book. Wait, or should you read this book? Watership Down contains some graphic, graphic description of animal savagery.. especially between rabbits. Those who are partial to cute bunnies that aren't mischievous or bloodthirsty need not apply. At times the wording in the novel seems confusing, but it definitely doesn't mar the story in a disruptive way.

Animal Farm -- Animal farm is a book that could easily be read to children at bedtime. Mature children. It takes the form of a fable, while still acting as an allegory from some point in history.. did someone say educational? Now, now, it's still an easy read, plus it's entertaining to draw parallels between the events in the book and the events that happened in history.

Call of the Wild -- Now this is an interesting perspective; it's from a dog's point of view! And the dog is quite intelligent! If you like the story of Balto, this novel is a more "blood and guts" version of that classic tale.

Now that we've established some of the easiest to read classics, how about some to stay away from if your partial to migraines?

Tess of the D'urbervilles -- Thomas Hardy

Anything by Margaret Attwood.

Happy Reading!