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5 Movies Your Teen Should Watch

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We all know that teenage years can be hard - very hard. Whether you've been there, done that, or you raised a teen, or you're about to raise a teen (I'm sorry), it's important for these youths to watch some inspiring or relatable footage. With the ridiculous amount of "Hollywood" movies providing teens with false ideas of glamor, money, sex and low-riding pants, you should show some initiative and introduce your teen to some movies that might imprint something, be it inspiration or realization, on their character. Here are a few of my top choices:

1. Shawshank Redemption -- What teen wouldn't like a prison movie? But there's more to the movie than the subliminal messages of what will happen to them if they participate in activities that will land them in jail; there's a story of hope and perseverance that is sure to inspire even the most hard-hearted, metal-loving teenager.

2. Dead Poets Society -- My personal favourite. The themes and symbols in this movie are falling out it's wazoo - breaking tradition, rebellion (in a good way), identity, following your dreams and "seize the day" are all apparent in the movie. Add in boyish taunting and an ending scene that will bring a tear to anyone's eye (Oh Captain, my captain).

3. Mississippi Burning -- There is no theme to this movie; it just is. Showing this to your teen may make you wary, but exposing them to the horrors of racism as it was in the 50's will enlighten them and create empathy. Another alternative to showing them this movie is Schinlder's List.

4. The Breakfast Club -- Prepare them for their future battle with teen-angst, or help them realize that it happens to everyone. Even better, this movie will show them that acceptance can lead to friendships that they never would have expected to blossom. This movie is highly entertaining and will surely hold their attention - plus, it's 80's!

5. The Lion King -- Aw, but that's a kid's movie. Actually, The Lion King is an enchanting way to present the thought of responsibility and realizing "who you are". And there's talking animals. Oh, and it's slightly based on Hamlet. So there.

Happy watching!

(Please feel free to leave your own choices in the comment box!)