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50million For Torres An Individual In A Team Game

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£50million Record signing

Chelsea paid a record fee of £50million for Fernando Torres on Transfer deadline day January 31st 2011.

The £50million will need to see returns fast, Torres will need a good first 3 games to get people buying next season's season tickets quicker, and more sold.

When it comes to deciding a transfer fee, what are clubs really paying for: a named player to sell more tickets? But they already sell-out at every home game and the same can also be said for away games.

Even if the large fees are to get bigger returns on season ticket sales, shirt sales and extra coverage on skysports, should it still be worth £50million for one man? He's not the only man the fans come to see on that pitch, there are 10 more and will they feel as useful knowing they are worth, say; £9million Vs Torres £50million? Of course not.

All of these large price transfer fees that vary from player-to-player in a team, not to mention well publicised differences in wages for players, are causing dissention in the ranks.

As a fan of football/Soccer, It disappoints me when the headline 'record signing' hits the front pages, because you know that jealousy will play a part in a teams operating on the pitch, and this means that well publicised unequal pay takes the 'Team' out of team work.

Whilst I can understand that Torres would be a great asset to the strike force, it is a most odd time to make such a huge signing. First of all, it's two-thirds of the way through the season and it always takes time for players to gel with each other. What if Torres can't come to grips with the wing play at Chelsea straight away? His is a record signing and they'll want to use him from the start and the crowd will demand that they do, but there is a good chance he may take some time to find his feet at Stamford Bridge.

His record of goal scoring at Liverpool has been impeccable;

Hamstring injuries plagued him during the 2008-09 season but he still managed 17 goals in 38 games, while groin problems and knee surgery disrupted his 2009-10 campaign, although he still managed to find the net 22 times in 32 games.

Although Chelsea will be looking to use Torres to push for the title, this may ruffle some of Drogba's feathers and may actually do more harm than good. This is because Drogba has reacted to 'lead striker competition' badly in the past, and unless he's changed his temperament it may happen again.

Time will tell if Torres will be worth it, but I feel as if transfer fee's are beyond a joke in football.