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6 Tips To Save Money

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1. Start Saving Change:

Saving loose change is always a good way to save a little extra money each month and with banks like TD Bank making it easier to cash out change without rolling them up in the change wrappers why not save change. In one month, the average person can save 30-60 bucks in change alone. So put that piggy to use and start cleaning out your purse or wallet and save the change. You will be surprised at how quickly those pennies add up.

2. Make an Allowance:

Setting up a budget is also a good way to save money because you will know ahead of time how much you really have to spend each week or each month. Setting up a budget prevents you from over spending. Budgeting is also a good way of getting back on track if you are always being charged late fees.

3. Start Cutting Coupons:

Most of us spend on impulse and half the time we go to the super market without knowing what we really need to buy. It is good to make a habit of keeping a list and cutting coupons in the Sunday paper for items you use. Never, go shopping with an empty stomach because you will end up leaving with items, you do not need. So make a grocery list with everything that you need beforehand and make it a point to stick to that list. Cut coupons and bring them with you

4. Buy wholesale:

Practice buying wholesale on only the items you find yourself using the most of Instead of going to the store every week. This will help to save money as well as time so for ex. If you are constantly purchasing toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, along with other items you might want to add this to your wholesale item list.

5. Prepare Meals Rather than eat out:

Eating out is probably the most expensive part of a budget you can save close to 100 dollars simply by bring your lunch and cut back on eating out for lunch. If this is something that is very hard you may want to start slow and gradually pull back from eating out maybe start with only once every two weeks then move down to only once a month and so forth.

6. Recycle:

Recycling is a good way to save change especially if you are constantly purchasing cans or bottled items that has a recycle fee on them if turned back in. Many supermarkets have recycling centers where you can get money for your old bottles and cans.

Every little thing counts when saving and hopefully these six tips will help to save money every month.