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7 Money And Time Saving Tips For Winter

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Here are some unique (and some not so unique) ways to save time and money this winter.

Time & Money Savers:

Do you wear glasses like I do? Instead of using anti-fogs that leave a film, or may just not even work, try using a hair dryer on low to clear your glasses of condensation. No smears! I also use the hair dryer when I come in from the cold to warm my hands.

Need a cold beverage? Don't waste your money on ice this winter! It's all around you! Put your beverage in the snow for a while and it will chill better than on ice! But use caution, when temperatures are below freezing (and especially below zero), your beverage will probably freeze if you don't check it often. Oh and you know how they say ice beer won't freeze? Not true!! I've done this. Frozen solid!

Tracking in a lot of snow, salt and mud? Keep an old sheet or towel handy by the door where you come in. You can either wipe your shoes or boots there, or quickly wipe down the floor. Saves having to wash the floor every day!

Energy & Money Savers:

Do you have heat vents right by your exit doors? if at all possible, avoid opening the door while the furnace is running. Wait until the cycle is over so you don't let the heat right out the door. (This, of course, will really only work if you're opening the door from the inside, as it's hard to tell if the furnace is running in your house if you're not in your house.)

Try closing shades/curtains when the sun is not shining through the windows (like on overcast days or at dusk). Open shades/curtains when the sun is shining through. This will help keep cold out and heat in.

Turn your thermostat down as far as you can stand it at night. (If you have pets, under 60 degrees is not recommended.) Turn it back up in the morning, but not too high! Dress in layers even in your home to keep comfortable. For example, we turn ours down to 63 at night and never above 70 during the day.

Also, turn your thermostat down if you plan to go somewhere for a few hours during the day. We turn ours down to 63 before we leave anywhere.

Have a safe and frugal winter!