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7 Things To Do Now For A Better Life

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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1. Be creative, be productive

Creativity is something we need to seek within ourselves, figure out and work on. I have known people who have had no idea about their talent, until one day when someone or something helped them discover it. Once we discover the gift of creativity and our hidden talents, we should let it go all out and not hold back.

Creativity leads to productivity, and when we are passionate about something, we become more productive. We end up doing things in less time and with more finesse. To be specific, we can actually finish our tasks much faster, instead of slogging through extended hours or doing overtime at work. Our productivity becomes higher, thereby allowing us to spend spare time on things like online interaction.

2. Random generosity, be grateful

An act of random kindness can wrap up the whole day with the glow of happiness and bliss. It’s the easiest way to help ourselves. We suddenly are charged up with an undefined happiness that can turn around a bad day, just by being unpredictably thoughtful and kind.

We should also try to appreciate all good things and show our gratitude. Nothing makes us happier than being eternally thankful.

3. Be involved and be the change

The fact that we are the part of the system is intimidating. Having said that, it does give us a lot of power and responsibility. We must not ignore it, and must try to change it by being a part of it.

4. Honesty is the best policy

However bad it may feel, honesty pays off. Be honest and righteous, and you will have nothing to worry in life. Live a guilt free life by being unconditionally truthful.

5. Health is wealth, smile more often

Health is the most important gift that we are born with and must be nourished and maintained no matter what. Love yourself (in the right ways) and indulge in things that benefit your health. Smiling is the most inexpensive way to nourish ourselves. Smiling and laughing make us feel and look more beautiful. It’s proven now and you all know it. But it’s about time we practised it more often.

6. Grow your roots

Our roots are very important and we must not forget them. It makes us stronger and wiser. Going back to our roots and discovering the hidden resources completes us. It helps us sleep most peacefully.

7. Be yourself, love yourself, start over

Do not feel overly upset with the negative criticism. Know yourself, love yourself and stay above such criticism. We cannot turn back the clock and there is no point continously regretting the mistakes we have made. However, we can make a fresh start. Memories do have a shelf life. So, sort out the memories you want to live with and you do not. Life starts from where we start over.

Happy Holidays to you all. Life is beautiful. Go ahead and live it!