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A Bad Shoe Day!

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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Hardly twenty four hour had passed after my thoughtless action yesterday when I refused to eat some sweet dish and was way too rude with my mom that another ordeal followed. I refused to eat the sweet dish and still feeling bad for being so thoughtless and, now, today I had a long day full of some unintended events.

My boss was in the OT when I decided to settle some long pending issues with the bank. The bank is just a five minutes walk from the hospital, where I work. I paged my boss and got out thinking that it would be hardly fifteen minutes time before I would return - that’s much before my boss would.

The sun was merciless today and the five minutes walk seemed like a never ending toll full of ups and downs – the premonition of something that I didn’t sink in my wee brain. I tripped two times on the just dug road. They seem to dig the roads every now and then – that’s the easiest way to make money nowadays. And before I started to curse the system, the society and the blah blah blah, I almost fell. This time it was serious and I balanced myself with my right fist on the road. That must have made me look like a fat spider trying to balance on a crooked wall with shaky limbs! And as I was busy saving myself from falling into the pit, my left tiptoe puked up in the sky and fell somewhere between the coffee shop and the just dug channel. Gaining composure, I somehow managed to locate it when I really slewed my foot and the slipper lace came off!

I could see the bank just a few feet away but my priority suddenly changed. The shoe became the centre of attraction. I asked the shopkeeper and a few passer-by who looked at me as if I was an alien standing with one shoe, in the middle of the Mars. It seemed like no one had ever heard of a shoemaker! It was as if I was asking for the spit monster or a humongosaurus (some alien characters from Ben 10, courtesy: my four year old nephew)!

I was standing in the middle of a mess, mud, sun and hoping that some shoefairy would guide me to a shoemaker soon. I didn’t know for how long I was standing there but it had been a while after which I limped to the ATM, withdrew some money, hired a cab and asked him to take me to a cobbler. Good sense prevailed after all. The driver took me to a shop after a few interrogations and a few unjustified curves for which I forgave him. It was like light at the end of the long dark tunnel. I got down, got my shoe fixed, paid him the double of what he had asked for and returned by the same cab. I spent 100 bucks to get a 10 buck shoe job done! But that was secondary. I never felt that much helpless and deserted ever. And as I was returning to my office, I thanked God for having being there and teaching me an important life lesson – never think of cursing anyone - he might have his reasons.