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A Better Way To See Movies

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A Better Way To See Movies

For about 2 ½ years I have been subscribing to Netflix. NetFlix is a subscription service where you can rent various amounts of movies for different prices. Usually when first starting you can get the first two weeks to 4 weeks free depending on the promotion they have going. Currently, on their website, they claim they charge you 8.99 and you can have one DVD out at a time. When I started the plan was 14.83 and that allowed me to have 2 movies out at a time and that’s the plan I still have. Check Netflix out at 1-866-636-3076 if you want to check on other plans.

What’s good about Netflix is that it is a good deal. I get about 15 movies a month through the mail plus I can watch streaming movies, TV shows, and concerts anytime I want on the computer or by using a Roku. All I have to do is keep a list of movies stored on their site in the order I want to see them and they send me the first two movies on my list that are available. They ship fairly quickly. If I ship a movie out on Monday I usually have a replacement by Thursday sometimes even on Wednesday.

Roku is a small box that allows me to watch Netflix on my television. They keep a large selection of movies, TV shows and concerts available to watch anytime. These streaming movies are anywhere from 1920’s to 2010 movies. I should add that new movies that are huge hits are not always available for streaming. For example, The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler is available by streaming but New Moon starring Kristin Stewart is available only through the mail. I like the streaming movie selection as it allows me to watch a new movie whenever I want and it’s a great way to get introduced to a lot of good Indie films by new movie makers. Netflix supposedly also can stream through Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 and other devices.

Another good thing about Netflix is the shipping process. They send me two movies in two envelopes and I send them back in the same envelopes postage free. I watch the movies whenever I want and can keep them as long as I want. However, if I want more movies I have to send one of the movies or both back to Netflix.

Now the bad side of Netflix is that some new movies take a while to get. For example, Avatar might take a couple of months to get. However some new movies like New Moon were sent to me right away. Some people might not like this but I am ok with it. The one improvement I would make if I were Netflix is to allow more older movies to stream.