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A Brand New You Part 01: Identify The Root

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Now that we're into February, we'll begin to notice that many of those around us who had started on their New Year's resolutions to lose weight have already given up. This isn't anything new, we shouldn't be moved by seeing this trend occur. As we see this happen year after year with little to no change to show for it, one may finally ask: Why can't the majority of people stick to resolutions?

For the most part, people treat them more as a wish, than as a life changing quality decision. Maybe something that they want to have, but have no intention of doing anything different to get that result. However, if you have found yourself struggling and you truly want to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, then you CAN do it! You can start today, there's no need to wait till tomorrow! And no, it doesn't have to be overwhelming, no matter where you are starting. Remember, it's one step at a time!

Some people only need to be shown facts about nutrition to get on the right track. They can be shown what foods actually feed their body the best, how to measure portions. and find out how to eat according to their busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, this does not make up the majority of the people we're around. Instead, there are usually some kind of stronghold that keeps us in the bondage of staying overweight. The truth is that you are not just an overly hungry person. You also are not needing to have fourteen candy bars a day to survive. These are just the manifestations of a much deeper problem that lies beneath the surface.

To begin this process, you will have to ask yourself some questions. You will have to be honest with yourself so that you can identify what's held you back from reaching your goals. It's not a scary adventure you're going on, because this will help to set you free. This will remove the burden of you trying to fight to get to where you want to be, but always feel like you've failed in one way or another.

I had begun my own journey of losing weight starting at over 300 pounds! I had learned for years an immense amount of information about nutrition, exercise, how the body works with food, etc, but I always struggled. I changed my entire diet to consist of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean cuts of meat, but my portions were out of control. I reasoned with myself to allow sugar to be a part of my daily lifestyle, especially chocolate. I may have had salads quite often, but I sure loaded it with a lot of Lite Ranch dressing and cheese! I'd exercise, which always helped me before, but I'd fall away from it shortly after beginning. This was unlike any other time that I had tried to lose weight. I felt as though something was blocking me, but I didn't know what it was.

One day, as I had seen the scale go past 300 pounds I found myself in the midst of depression. I had already been upset about my weight, but knew I needed to know the truth about how much I weighed. To see that high of a number on the scale I stood on, made me realize that I needed to stop and take a closer look at myself. Not only because of the weight, but because of other health issues that can associate themselves along with it.

I remember being at my kitchen table with a notebook and pen and I wrote out along the top of the page: What is the root of my weight gain? I had remembered another time I had gained weight, and I finally saw that the two were linked. I may have lost the weight a first time, but I never had dealt with the real issue of why I gained it in the first place.

As I searched through the Bible for direction and had asked the Lord to help me in this area, my eyes were finally opened. I came to a place where I was honest and willing to change. I came to the understanding that if I don't know the root of why this area had gotten so out of control that I will always be in bondage, even if I lost the weight... again!

I wrote furiously as I began to see that I had gained weight in order to protect myself. On both occasions that I had a gained a large amount of weight, were in times I had been uncomfortable. I had believed that if I gained the weight I would no longer be attractive, thus protecting myself from those I felt threatened by. I would see different times over the years of how I had felt so condemned and ashamed of how I hadn't been able to bring this area into balance. I may have never intentionally set out to do this to myself, but because this was the mindset at the core of my foundation, I physically could NOT change this by my own will! I needed help.

This caused me to go even deeper and evaluate what was of real importance. Did I really want to keep the weight on and feel miserable for the rest of my life? Or was I going to be willing to handle the matter, finding another way to "protect" myself that wouldn't lead to me treating my body like a storage garage (of food that is!)? Was I willing to let it go and believe that the Lord could heal me of this root of having a fear of man?

Thankfully, I chose the way of life and I have now lost about 70 pounds, and more than 20 inches around my waist since July of 2009. I have made progress and it has NOT been a struggle. Discovering the root changed my whole attitude and this truth set me free! It all began because I dared to search out the root and face it once and for all. I made a decision that not only changed my appearance, but rid me of the bondage I had to sugar addictions as well as insatiable appetites. I've learned how to develop and grow in temperance, and it still amazes me to be able to have a plate of food in front of me and I can resist having a single bite! If it's something I really don't want to have, I don't have it. Or, if I choose to have some, I've learned moderation.

Always remember that if you are wanting change, you have to take care of the root problem first. Otherwise, it's like when you mow the lawn and the weeds keep sprouting week after week. You might start to mow every single day because you're so frustrated with those ugly things, but those weeds are going to keep popping up. It's only after you remove the weed from the root that they will finally cease to be seen. How we handle things in life is no different. And if you are wanting to lose those pounds this year, I encourage you to think on these things during the day and ask the Lord to help you find out what's the reason for your own weight gain. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, we all have to start somewhere. The key, however, is to start!

If any of you reading this article would like to write to ask me questions in finding your root cause for your own weight gain, I am more than willing to help however I can. My e-mail address is [email protected].com