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A Brand New You Part 2: If You Want To Lose It, Move It!

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When first starting to lose weight, I've found that it's not always the diet that should be focused on as the primary target. I know, you're wondering if you read that statement correctly. Yes, I will say it another way. When you are beginning your journey in losing weight, food shouldn't be the first area to tackle. There's enough pressure when it comes to wanting to be rid of the excess you're carrying, and putting all of your energies into what goes in your mouth can actually drive you to eat MORE. So, instead, put those energies into burning calories... and move that body of yours!

There's no need to be intimidated by the word "exercise." All it means is that you're moving your body, thus using your energy (which calorie = energy). It will take effort on your part (I'm not going to lie about that!), but you are worth it! Your body is worth being taken care of! And no, you don't need to start off with a rigorous seven day exercises plan either. You don't even need to begin ANY particular exercise "plan" when you are starting. How is that possible?

This is where the "all or nothing" mindset interferes. Some people think that if they are going to exercise they must work every single major muscle area or else they're just wasting their time. Others think that because they can't dedicate a whole thirty minutes to exercising, they figure what's the big deal in not doing any that particular day. The list goes on of similar scenarios. This convoluted way of thinking about exercise is exhausting, unsuccessful and condemning. It leaves no room for freedom, and this gives exercise the illusion that it's more of a chore that needs to be done, than the fun it could (and should) be.

For beginners, it's the first step that's usually the hardest. Resistance surfaces, and it can make you feel almost like a failure, even before you've started! So, let me encourage you by sharing what I did when I began to lose weight, starting from more than 300 pounds.

I was very embarrassed about the size I was at a 26/28. I didn't have comfortable exercise clothes, and the ones I used were anything but flattering! I didn't want to be seen in public when it came to walking or doing any other kind of exercise. I knew the harsh comments people could muster up about seeing the "fat chick" trying to jog or play tennis. At that point, I had enough rejection issues I couldn't bare to pile on more insecurities about an area I was already sensitive about.

Instead of forcing myself to walk outside (etc), I chose to do something different, where it would meet me on my level. I began to walk INSIDE of my apartment. I'd go back and forth through the living room and kitchen. After some minutes of walking, I began to jog. When I first began, since my body was still trained to how I used to be much more active, I was able to jog for ten whole minutes without stopping. It was tough, but I did it. And so, this was my beginning of me shedding those unwanted fat deposits. I didn't do it everyday, but would pick a few days of the week when I knew I had some time. I would just throw on my workout outfit and running shoes and just do it! I knew if I stopped and thought about it too long I'd end up talking myself out of getting sweaty!

Wherever you are right now with your weight, you can begin. Even if it's with small tasks such as making yourself get up to change the channel instead of sitting and using the remote. You can make yourself walk or jog in place while you wait for your e-mails to load. You can park farther away from the grocery store or choose the stairs instead of the elevator. These all seem small on individual accounts, but you add these little factors up, and the calories you will burn will be worth it!

The key is to get moving. If you can increase your amount of movement, then you are on your way! It doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple! It's really your choice. You can play basketball (or any other sport), walk, jog, ride a bicycle, do an exercise tape, go to classes at a local gym, play Frisbee with your kids, etc. Every action you take, calories being used.

Currently, when I can't get outside to go for a walk or jog (because of my four year old son), I continue to apply this concept. I will now jog in my house for an hour. I walk for five minutes, jog for an hour, and then cool down for five or ten minutes. In addition, I add weights and do some floor exercises. When I'm not in the mood to jog, I will do step aerobics or Taebo. I like to mix it up and not keep the same routine. Infact, changing the types of exercises you do will keep your muscles guessing and you'll end up with quicker and more effective results.

Whether you begin inside the confines of your home, or venture out to a gym or park, always remember to keep it moving and don't ever give up! You can do it!