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A Mans Opinion On Wedding Dresses Oh Dear!

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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OK, As a man, it is not normally the thing to do, to write a review on wedding gowns. I do appreciate that. In this case, I just want to explain why, in my own humble opinion of course, why Wedding Gowns are probably the biggest "rip off" ever to hit the High Street.

Firstly, the style. This is never "unique" as every style has been done many times before, so you are not getting an exclusive dress, just a reworked old one. Secondly, the material, this is cleverly marketed as some posh fancy designer name such as "voile" - when actually it is no more than net curtain.

The whole process is set up to entrap the poor bride to be, who has more than likely never shopped for such an expensive item of clothing. The problem is, there are so many others to be clothed, such as the bride's mother, bridemaids, page boys etc. All this entourage are kitted out in "special outfits". The only special thing being that nobody on the buying side has ever purchased such elaborate garments before.

The pressure is on from the very start, with all and sundry appearing with outfits that are supposed to be just "that perfect gown." Upon hearing the potential bride saying "I don't like it." the assistants come up with another dozen "perfect exclusive gowns." You just know that they are going to keep plying you with these gowns, until they get a result.

Why shouldn't they? I hear you ask, the answer being that the mark up on wedding apparel is somethng in the hundreds of percent, meaning a very lucrative deal. Once the gown is sorted, the wedding party let down their guard, a bad mistake indeed. The next part of the process includes all the accessories "to accompany that gown." Not wishing to spoil the ship for a Hap'orth of tar, the accompanying items are agreed to, handbags, shoes, hats, underwear, garters, handkerchiefs, you name it, they will stock it, and recommend it to "finish off the whole ensemble." Only after seeing the tab do people realise just how much they have agreed to.

By the time they have totted up the total, it is too late, perhaps the shop may offer a little sweetener by a gift of a photo album, or a discount voucher for the Bridegroom's suit.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a Bride looking her very best for the big day, just that she could spend considerably less and look a million Dollars buying a genuine exclusive evening gown she could wear on other occasions.

This is just my "ten cents, I have no wish to offend anyone in the "rag trade." Oh and have nothing against weddings.