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A Mutt Is Not Just A Dog

By ladychai on
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If you are into UNIX systems then for sure you know what Mutt is and what it is for. Mutt is an email-client. Unlike any other email-clients like Thunderbird or outlook or entourage, this one you need to install configure before it will work. By configure, meaning you have to utilize some commands rather than just adding the necessary information like the mailserver and such.

I tried using this tool once and I find it great. You need to have basic knowledge in Shell Scripting of course but that's why Mutt is very nice because it is very challenging.

This type of email client is text based so you can expect very simple layout unlike any other email clients that boast graphical representations and being user-friendly. In terms of consistency, Mutt is also more consistent with its functionalities as compared with other email clients. Anything that is of practical use for email services, then Mutt has this.

With its simplicity, it still can manage incoming and outgoing emails and in fact is can even send mailing lists.

Mutt uses the sendmail protocol so if you have a Linux base server, you should be able to install Mutt. You can configure the color of the text in accordance to your preference. Sendmail is actually is the one responsible for transmitting an email from one route to another. Basically sendmail is the one calling your incoming and outgoing mailservers.

Why I prefer Mutt? Because it has less tendencies to crash because it is light and for people who kind of live inside their webspace which happens to be a Linux one, this is the way to go, you do not have to utilize another program, you can just do everything within your webspace via hard coding in the telnet/ssh client and then access you Mutt as well, everything is just within the stroke of the keyboard.