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A Natural Remedy For Acne

Jamall Richards By Jamall Richards on
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Acne, it is a very stressful thing. It could be very noticeable and embarrassing. Do not worry, because you are not alone, even the prettiest faces out there and stars have acne problems. I am suffering from Acne and the other day I heard of a new natural remedy out there that can get rid of Acne. I would like to share this remedy with you. If you are like me, desperately hoping to get rid of this embarrassing acne on your face then read on.

Acne is a bad skin condition caused by dirt and oil in your pores. As a result this can block your pores making it swell causing bumps on your face. Think of it as a clogged water hose kind of. Many dermatologists come up with lab remedies to help clean pores such as Proactiv, Nutrogena, and skinID. Some of these may work, but also they are causing unnoticeable harm to your skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is a chemical used to kill bacteria in the pores. One danger is that it produces radicals in the skin, such as radicals that are created when we spend too much time in the sun without protection. This causes premature aging and making the skin's ability to heal very dim. Also these radicals can cause cancer of the skin, just like how too much exposure to the sun unprotected can cause cancer. This also irritates the skin causing the skin to seem worse than it did before treatment. Also the Benzoyl Peroxide in these formulas may leave the skin dry making it lose its ability to produce natural oils and add moisture the skin. This causes the skin to become flaky causing more irritation. There is a couple of remedies I would like to share with you. Honey is a good remedy, it includes vitamins and minerals that will help the skin get all the nutrients it needs. All you need is some honey, in a small cup or tiny bowl. and hot water. Then you can use a cotton swab or a facial brush to gently sweep a coating of the mixture across your face and let it settle there. Do NOT wash off. Although it is honey, the hot water will make the honey less thick allowing you to still feel comfortable. Also there is another remedy. It is a formula that could be purchased over the counter, but they use all natural ingredients. It is a natural based product and you can probably find it in your local pharmacy. It is over the counter. Dermajuv. It is safer than Proactiv or SkinID because it lacks Benzoyl Peroxide. I really recommend you trying to honey remedy first, to save you some money. and if you feel that the honey remedy isn't working for you, try Dermajuv. Good luck!