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A Rewarding Job

jennifer kennedy By jennifer kennedy on
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I don't really know why I decided to care for the elderly, maybe it was something to do with the fact that I could always get on with older people better than with people around my own age, off course I had friends around my own age but really enjoyed spending time with the older folk as well, anyway I left school at sixteen because all my sixth form year would offer was a leisure and tourism course which to be honest I had absolutely no interest in.

I left school in November and being so close to Christmas my mum let me wait until the new year before I began my search for work, I had secured myself a full time job by February in a Private nursing home, which provided all my training, throughout my years of employment with this nursing home I did many in-house courses and with hands on experience I soon learned what I was doing, I loved caring for the elderly and spent around five years working in this field.

The hours were long most of the shifts were 12 hours and the staff were exhausted by the end of the day but it was worth it, Our routine was the same each day and that was to help the residents with their washing, toileting, feeding needs throughout the day different tasks had to be carried out and time was spent talking, playing games or talking the residents for walks, this was the best part for me just spending time with the elderly people, although we did get very close to them and it was quite hard once they passed away.

I found this was a rewarding job which I really did enjoy, the only reason I left was because I had children and the hours were just to long then. Back when I worked in a nursing home it wasn't well paid but I think that anyone in this sort of work doesn't do it only for the money, well at least I didn't I could honestly say that I enjoyed going to work!