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Abc News (Average Basic Crap)

James Armistead By James Armistead on
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The internet is the new club scene. Not only are people meeting online to redevelop and rekindle old romances, but it has also become an establishment to get drunk off the excitement of meeting new people to whom you may have never been introduced. The web has also become a platform for people looking to expound upon their own ideologies and beliefs. You can find webpages solely devoted to people who want to share facts about any given subject or topic, and you can find web addresses that express solely ideas and opinions. This is what the internet offers you. It is limitless in the range of topics for discussion and does not prohibit extreme passion. You can express yourself in a multitude of facets without fear of repercussions because the internet provides a level of anonymity. It is the electronic equivalency to the strength people show when being vocal over a phone line. The distance between the aggressor and the person receiving that aggression is a permission slip for vulgarity. And just like people spew crap over the phone, there are many people who spew filth over the web as well.

A family plans a national hoax specifically to gain fame by fraudulently claiming their son was flying in an unmanned helium balloon. They received much sympathy from viewers who saw their story on news channels because they feared the outcome for the little boy. This sympathy generated enough of a response that the family received their infamy. It may not have been as popular cast members on reality television, but their situation was real enough as they faced charges for filing a false police report. As if this wasn't enough filth they attempted to spread, I read a report today that they are selling the innocent; operated under duress balloon so they can give the money to support the international tragedies that have taken place recently. While I applied their attempts at philanthropy, I am a bit troubled by their plea. Not because they are making a charitable contribution, but because the wish to do so is, again, made with a plea for sympathy. I am not sure that people will take kindly to having their emotions taken advantage of, but I could be wrong. Some people are gluttons for punishment.

Another story that made headlines was really a possible tragedy that turned into a freak contest. A man was arrested for discharging his weapon at an approaching aircraft. Instead of the news consultants reporting how important it is to follow city ordinances on the discharging of one's weapon, they awarded this gentleman a superfluous and glorified title of having the "Wackiest Mugshot Photo Ever." Who reviews; edits, pays for this crap? It almost does make me believe there is a liberal bias in the media. This would have been a perfect story to outrage liberals into screaming about gun control laws. This should have made every anti-NRA fanatic riot at supreme courthouses across the country. But no, that was not what happened as a result of this headline. The news reporters made it into a humorous attempt to downplay the actions of an alleged culprit.

It is always important to entertain when reporting the news. I have said that in previous articles that I have written and stand by that belief today as well. I also believe that it is extremely important to report the news factually, and let opinions stand on their own and not be reported as part of the story. I am emphatic in my belief that no one should report a story miss the key elements that are of importance in any story being told. Who, what, why, where, when, and how. These are details that outline any story and give the reader or viewer and opportunity to understand what has occurred before listening to the subjective viewpoint of the writer; journalists, or commentator. I applaud the efforts of every facility that make an earnest effort to report current events and politics that effect our areas. I understand the difficulty in searching for a story that has life-changing results. I am also impressed by those who have survived in the industry and have dedicated their lives to reporting the news as genuinely as possible. This includes the mediums included above as not every story reported is as revolting to read. I would; however, implore that we read the lines and between them when digesting material that we read or watch. Sometimes the clearer message we receive is what the underlying meaning is, and not what is actually being reported.