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Abs Cbn, Willie Revillame & Jobert Sucaldito Controversy

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Willie Revillame

What happened between controversial Wowowee host Willie Revillame and showbiz reporter Jobert Sucaldito created a big buzz on print, radio and TV media as well as on social networking sites. The big controversy started when Willie voiced out his anger and engaged in a word war against Jobert amidst Wowowee show. Willie pointed out that Jobert always has negative comments on him and his show Wowowee that he cannot stand because they are working on the same company. Jobert on the other hand denied said accusation saying that there are times that he gives positive comments to Willie.

The controversy got even hotter and hotter when Willie challenged the management of ABS-CBN to fire out Jobert Sucaldito from the company and if not he will resign as host of Wowowee. Personally, I think this is the part where most of the negative comments on Willie rooted from. I guess the word war between the 2 showbiz personalities is petty and common among the showbiz world. Jobert did not like the concept of inviting school students with general averages of 75-79 in Wowowee and Willie on the other hand displayed his displeases and irritation over Jobert's comment.

In the Philippines and around the world, some people saw the point of Willie and understood his reactions but unfortunately there are many who are disappointed and got mad of him and even considered him as arrogant. The point where Willie challenged the management of ABS-CBN to fire Jobert Sucaldito is something unacceptable under Filipino culture "utang na loob." Many believed that without ABS-CBN, Willie is nobody. Whatever stardom Willie has now, he owes it all to ABS-CBN management. And his issue with Jobert is something he can discuss with the management in a more appropriate place.

What will happen to Willie and Jobert now? How ABS-CBN will manage the controversial issue? The result or decision is something people need to wait in the coming days.