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Accessories Every Guitar Player Needs

Brian Lamacraft By Brian Lamacraft on
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Guitar players need various accessories to help them learn the instrument. Below is a list of some of the common things you should pick up for your guitar.

Staff and Tablature Paper – You can never have enough paper for writing music on. Plan to have several stacks of plain staff paper and plenty of tablature paper. You can find this free on the Internet and just print it out if you like or buy pads at your local music store. Other notation paper to have include fretboard diagrams for mapping scales and chord diagrams for writing out new chords to practice.

Metronome – Every guitar player needs a good metronome. This device is your best tool for keeping in time when you’re not practicing with a band. You can use it to practice scales and other passages and bump up the tempo, as you get better. You can buy these cheaply at your local music store and even use free ones online. Many guitar software programs feature free metronomes you can use.

Peg Winder and Wire Cutters – A peg winder allows you to quickly take a string off your guitar and put one on fast. The wire cutters are great for clipping off the ends of strings and keeping them neat on your instrument. Place these in your guitar case so you always have access to them.

Music Stands – Plan to have a stand for your music books. Buy a stand that is heavy enough to hold a lot of paperwork and don’t buy those little flimsy stands. You need one with some extra support. Buy extra stands for your guitars if you have more than one. Other ideas for stands are ones that mount on the wall if you have limited space in your home.

Cleaning Supplies – Tet a good guitar polish and a polishing cloth. Cleaning your instrument on a regular basis is a good idea to protect the finish and keep grime off your fretboard and guitar body. Polish your guitar after every string change.

Strings and Picks – Be sure you have extra sets of strings and string singles. It’s annoying to break a string and not have a spare to replace it. Experiment with various picks and once you find one you like buy a bunch so you always have some around. Picks wear down and fresh ones will make you play a bit better.

Guitar Tuner – Get yourself a good guitar tuner so you are always in proper tune. The Internet has plenty of free ones you can use and guitar software programs usually feature a free one too.

Books – it’s always a good idea to have some instruction books on chords, scales, and music theory available to you. If you need to look something up a good reference book comes in handy. Keep your favorite ones in your guitar case if they fit and if you have a teacher ask them what to buy.

Cords, Straps, and Batteries – Have a few spare guitar cords and buy shorter ones if you use plenty of guitar effect pedals. Get yourself a good leather guitar strap and avoid those cheap ones. Having extra sets of batteries is a good idea too for your pedals.

Every new guitar player should have some or all of these accessories nearby. You’ll get more practicing done if you have the right gear available.