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Activia Challenge Digestive Health

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You must have seen the commercials already to "Take The Activia Challenge" by Dannon? Well, I watch and nod my head but then don't put too much into actually buying it and taking the challenge. I DID buy it several months ago but left it in the refrigerator and when I got around to actually doing this, the yogurt was expired and I threw it out. After all, if I admit that I have a digestion problem I am admitting the problems of my aging body.

I started having severe intestinal pains last Friday and knew I had overdone it on the bread, snacks and pasta meals, not to mention just not eating right. But it's not like we always take the time to really eat like we should and eat what God put on this earth for us to eat. Pasta is a cheap meal and serves a lot of people. If you have left overs, then you have dinner and/or lunch for the next day. I rarely cook for just the two of us. Honesly, the pain scared me and I decided it was time to get myself in order and actually take the time to do something for myself for once. I am also very bad about not eating the required fruits and vegetables each day.

Well ladies - this isn't your normal every day yogurt. The containers are fair in size but apparently it's what we need each day for two weeks (14 days in the challenge), in order to get our system working better. I am on Day 4 right now, but just signed up for the challenge. The pack I got had 4 blueberry and 4 strawberry yogurts. I think the amount of fruit pieces is pretty ample and included two images of that. Trust me - I am NOT a yogurt person, so to even be writing this article means a lot in how I am trying to change my eating habits. If I don't, it could lead to something very serious and I surely don't want that! I like the flavor of the yogurt and it's not that it tastes better than any other yogurt, it's what I am expecting to get from this challenge. Can other yogurts do the same thing? I am not sure, but probably.

I included two screen shots from the Activia Challenge website. You can get a $1.00 off coupon to print right now, which I'll do on my next purchase for the rest of my challenge. When you register, there is a screen that lets you put in how you feel that day. It's been a week of not feeling so great and since I started the online challenge too late, I may go a few days past to make sure my "happy or sad face" chart is accurate. If, for some reason you are not satisfied in how Activia works, you can get your money back. That statement says a lot to me because my family history includes diverticulitis and spastic colons. I don't want either of those.

Yes, stress is another huge culprit! When I get upset or nervous about anything, I can hear my stomach growling and getting upset. This also doesn't help. So it is a mind AND diet thing I am working on here.

The pain I have been feeling isn't something that gas pills or antacids will help this time around. I have tried. I am also drinking plenty of water to help make sure I am getting at least the required 8 glasses my body needs each day. That part is going very well.

When I complete the challenge I will report back and update how I feel and if I think it worked for me. I'd love to know if anyone else is doing this or has done this challenge and how you did?

Update On May 12, 2010: I am one week into this challenge and I have to say that I HAVE noticed a huge difference! It's amazing. I haven't been totally active in my life over the past few years, so that part still needs work, but I am noticing regulation in my digestion. I really didn't expect much since I have allowed stress to affect my health, but even though I am working on that too, eating one of these yogurts each day is really working. I am so happy. This has been a problem for me for so many years.

My husband bought me Key Lime last night, which is available in a light formula. The texture is just as creamy as the regular ones and the taste was pleasant. It wasn't an overpowering tart taste, like I had prepared myself for. Love that flavor.

So try the Activia Challenge. If it doesn't work for you in two weeks, you at least can get your money back. Can't beat that challenge!

Update On May 25, 2010: My 2 week Activia Challenge has been over for about a week now. I still am eating Activia because I really like the creamy smooth texture and the perfect amount of fruit in the strawberry and blueberry. The key lime is probably still my favorite and the vanilla has the best vanilla taste in any yogurt I have had.

Yes, I can say that for me - Activia DID and HAS worked for regulating my system. I use to eat other yogurts and never noticed the same results.

Go to the Activia Challenge website and get your $1.00 off coupon to print right away. If after 2 weeks you don't notice a difference, you get your money back - up to $12.00. I can say that I will be using these coupons but can't get my money back because it WORKED for me.

The probiotics in Activia are great and during my challenge I had my first and hopefully last attack of gout in my right foot. Probiotics are one of the things recommended to take for gout, but I will write more on that later.

So for me, this challenge met several needs in my physical state and my body does feel better.

Highly recommended.