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Adult Temper Tantrums!!

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I have always worked in retail, and i love it, i love the contact with all kinds of people, some completely odd and out there, but i find it a great learning experience about people, not to mention the things i have learned about everyday things. I especially love to hear feedback on products, and that is why i love SR, i now get to connect with consumers all over the globe!

Along with the good also comes the bad. A few bad rotten seeds. And i mean some terrible tempers i have had to deal with, the worst kind. Adult temper tantrums!!

Yesterday seemed like the worst day for it, everyone seemed to be in awful moods, but it is in no way a reason to come to someones work and scream at them for things that are not in their control, or have nothing to do with the person taking the abuse! I can understand if you are recieving bad service, as there is no reason for that either, if the retail worker is having a bad day, they should not take it out on the customers just as the customers should not take it out on the sales clerk!

One of the young cashiers was working her cash register in the aisle next to mine, she is a very pleasant well mannered and somewhat shy girl, but she is one of the friendliest associates i have ever worked with. She was laughing with one of the customers she was finishing up with, i looked up and noticed a man behind the customer glaring at them, i thought he was just being impatiant. All of a sudden he slams one of our store sales flyer that are sent out in the mail down onto her counter, he started screaming at her because ''she'' false advertised the color of the item in the flyer, the color was slightly different, but that is what happens i guess with the quality of ink/paper used, not her fault, she does not decide what goes into the flyer, or what goes on sale, she also does not make the product, or print it in the flyer, this has nothing to do with her or her job at all! For pete sake, she is a 17 year old cashier working for minimum wage, she does not deal with the flyers!!

The poor girl was on the verge of tears, and she was shaking like a leaf, this is uncalled for! A lady behind the man asked the him if he had a daughter, sister or niece, and how would he feel if a jerk like him came in and started acting irrational! Well he shut up fast and stormed off, but not before throwing the item at the poor girl!!

Retail workers need to have some kind of protection, security is not enough, they always seem to show up too late, or are busy following a shop lifter around the store. We need to be able to stick up for ourselves without the fear of being fired, most places i have worked allow you to walk away, one place i worked was so desperate to keep their customers and did not allow that, to them it is considered bad customer service, excuse me, you are being screamed at for something like not being able to be in five places at once! Something needs to be done. I am a customer too, and i hate bad service, i expect more because i am in that kind of business, i feel there is no reason what so ever for bad service, you are in the store spending your money, making sure these people get a paycheck. But to freak out over something so silly and stupid, come on, get real! Im just happy im not that mans wife or relative, how does he treat them if he doesnt get his way? It just tells you alot about some people, i wonder how his mother would feel if she knew how her son, adult son is treating a little girl, but then again, how does he treat his mother? If you are a retail worker and experience someone like this, dont cry because the way you were treated, cry because of the way that person treats their family and friends. Maybe they dont treat them bad at all, but really, why would you portray yourself as that kind of person in public infront of strangers? Not impressive.