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Alice In Wonderland 3 D

By kmx13 on
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Many people have been awaiting the release of Alice in Wonderland for quite sometime and now that it's dominating the box office, people who haven't seen it are really starting to wonder, "Is it any good?"

I went to see the film on opening weekend. The theatre was packed, 3D glasses being handed out and people racing to get a good seat. People were raving about the movie being in 3D so I decided to see if it was really worth the fuss. Although the film is being shown 3D in theatres, the film itself was not filmed in 3D making the in-theatre 3D a little disappointing.

The film starts out at a garden party where now 18 year old Alice is about to be proposed to by a not-so-charming-or-good-looking fella. When he proposes to her in front of a crowd of over a hundred people, she runs fearing for her independence leaving him out on the garden. This is when she finds the white rabbit hopping along and of course, falls down the rabbit hole.

When arriving in Wonderland, Alice who has previously been there, has absolutely no recollection of the place and has to go through the process of shrinking and growing all over again. When she eventually makes it through the tiny door and enters Wonderland, the white rabbit along with some other familiar characters meet her at the entrance. Because she is now grown up, they are not able to tell if she is the "right" Alice, a.k.a the one that had fell down the rabbit hole so many years ago.

The plot revolves around a prophecy in which Alice must take back Wonderland for the White Queen from her evil sister, the infamous Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts rules the land for most of the movie and reeks havoc among any unloyal member of her kingdom. The conflict is the fact that Alice can't remember anything and therefore she convinces herself that she is not the right Alice and that she will not be able to fullfill the prophecy. However, when the Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp, enters the story, Alice's mermories begin to return and all who are against the Queen of Hearts begin to find hope that she is indeed the right Alice and the prophecy will be fullfilled.

Overall it was a good movie. The cinematography was exceptional and special effects were great. Johnny Depp's performance really makes the movie what it is and Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts just puts the icing on the cake. The ending is left open for new adventures so there is a possibility for a sequel however, nothing's been mentionned yet. It was worth the money to see it the first time and enjoy Tim Burton's creation of Wonderland but before I see it again, I'll wait for it to be on DVD.