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America Deserves A Raise

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There is a contest going on right now by Advance America, which is a Cash Advance company. The contest is to award either yourself or someone you know to win $40, 000! They are also offering daily prizes of $10, 000 and donating up to $50, 000 to charities. You can see a running total calculation of donations they have received to date when you visit their website for this contest.

For further information on how you or someone you know could win this essay contest, please check out America Deserves A Raise by clicking the link.

Some of the Rules:

> Essays need to be a maximum of 500 words and be written with a beginning, middle and end to the story.

> You can NOT list product names, company names or anything pertaining to something that would infringe on trademarks or company policies.

> Do NOT list any last name of the person you are writing about.

> You may only refer to one person in an essay.

> Contest is void in the following states:





N. Carolina

New Jersey

New York


W. Virginia

and any U.S. territories, but not including D.C. (D.C. is ok)

click here for those rules

The basis for this contest is that America has gone long enough without a raise. Any of us who do freelance and consulting work know this only too well. I thought that sharing this information with my Shared Review friends could get at least one person on here some additional income to help with finances in this tough economy.

After filling out the very short information form, you put a title and write your 500 words or less essay. Should be easy for SR writers. Then at the bottom there is a website link where you can put in your name in the empty box (an example is show). This will end up being your website link to your story that you can now promote through social networks, Twitter and Email. But Do NOT repeat your story anywhere else – same type of rules as SR has on that topic.

After submitting yourself or someone you know, it may take several minutes to get an E-mail confirmation. When you get that E-mail, you click a verification link and then you are submitted.

That's it! The essay is submitted. Now people can vote.

Contest Ends July 30, 2010 at 11:59PM EST

Every day you may enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card to pay bills with too! Just go to this link to enter: VISA GIFT CARD

Unfortunately, the same state residence rules apply to the gift card rules too.

I imagine that this company will also send future information on their Cash Advance Loans, but I did not see this in writing, so I am only speculating. If that does happen, then I will just remove myself.

All entries are voted on, just like we do here on Shared Reviews. You rate a few categories of a story on how well they followed the guidelines. You may search a story by a person's name, location or essay title.

I think this is a great way to promote someone that is a hard worker and possibly doesn't even get compensated for their time. What about someone who volunteers at the fire department, your church, school, library or other location you visit?

Unfortunately, some of you will not be able to participate because you live in the states listed above, but surely you know someone that you can forward this to that DOES qualify. Maybe they will even give you a bonus or half the money, if that essay wins?

There is a link on the website that will lead you to America Cash Advance's website, where you can check out about loans, get financial tips, cash advances, payday advances, prepaid Visa cards, money grams, and check to card services. Personally it looks like they are competing with Western Union, which is good in the sense that you can now have a choice of who to use.

I would also suggest that you use caution with any type of loan or payday advance. Check the information and fine print on what the finance charges will be to you. You want to make sure you can afford to pay it back without going further into debt. But even if you don’t enter or take advantage of those benefits, the Prepaid VISA, money grams and other services seem worth checking into, if you need an alternative.