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Americana Butter Cookies: You Just Cannot Stop At One!

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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I was not much of a cookie person. I would conveniently dodge even the interesting blends, until last summer when my sister gifted me one tin of Americana butter cookies.

Americana cookies come in an attractive red tin that gives it a distinguished and eye catching look making it a lovely gift for any occasion. I was very impressed with the first look and took some time before I actually opened it. The distinctive aroma of butter together with that of the cookie instantaneously got my taste buds tingling and longing for another bite.

The cookies are separated in ten different compartments depending on their flavor and shape. The assortment includes sugar sprinkled cookies to coconut, vanilla, raisin, and more. It took me a while to taste all the varieties, taking two at a time and relishing the flavor right down to the last bite. I liked them all. But if you ask me to pick, I would go for the sugar sprinkled, butter cookies which are filling, sweet, creamy and have more calories. The cookies also come in the flavor of egg, butter, vanilla and coconut. They just melt in your mouth without any effort. The subtle flavor of melting butter and sugar is so good that you cannot stop just at one. It makes a good breakfast with a fresh milk shake. I do not mind it as a dessert also.

Last time when my nieces came down to our place, we had an innovative and ultra special cookie party. The kids went about trying every blend on earth and we had a blast. Chips, cookies, shakes, soft drinks, sparkles and lots of fun!

It just needs some cookies to perk up the long, tiring erratic hours at the office. Whenever I start to get the jittery sparks on my forehead, I know its time to eat some cookies. It just takes a couple of pieces to recharge me. The Americana Butter Cookies Tin is a great gift idea too, and is appropriate for any age group.