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An Overview Of Different Flooring Materials

By mandavalga on
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When buying a new house or even renovating your existing home you must think about flooring. There are many different types to choose from like carpet, and timber flooring. Each flooring says something different about you and your home.

1). Carpeting: Carpet is probably the most widely used floorings in the world today. Carpeting differs between long and short shag and between light, neutral and dark tones. It can be used for a variety of spaces from your bedroom to your home office and beyond. When using carpet its important for you to consider where it is going and the color of your home all together. One of the biggest reasons why many people choose carpet is because of the sheer amount of varieties that carpet comes in. So how do choose a good carpet for your home? The first step is to decide what your style is (i.e traditional, modern). Your personal style will have a lot to do with the carpeting that you choose. For instance many traditional homes have tan or beige carpeting because as a neutral color it goes well with everything. Carpeting can also be used for a richer more modern room by simply darkening the color of the carpet. Chocolate brown, silver and even a mixed tone carpets are very good for rooms like this in that your decorating can be centered around the carpet. If you are going to buy carpet it is not a good idea to buy the cheapest carpet around. Cheap carpet is almost always not of good quality. It will stain, rip, fade and lose its shag quicker then a more expensive brand. The higher the price the better the carpet usually is. This is not to say that you have to buy carpet out of your budget but do some research as to what the best quality of carpet is and try to find a similar one that is in your price range.

Finally, carpeting is a good idea for those who have children and several inside pets. Carpeting is more resistant to scratching and other damage than is a timber floor. Carpet also comes stain protected so that you have a longer period of time before stains will set in heavily.

2). Rugs : Rugs are a widely used household accessory because they are a great way to add color to any home. They can be placed just about anywhere for a variety of reasons. One of the greatest things about rugs is that they are movable. You can buy a rug that can be placed in any juncture of your home and still look good. Rugs are also a great idea for kids because, unlike carpet, they can choose one for their bedroom that is specifically their style. It allows children to express themselves and develop their own tastes, while proving very convenient for mom and dad. Rugs differ in designs from hemp rugs, traditional, modern and hallway. They differ in length, color, shag and price. The more modern and different the rugs the higher the price usually is. Again like carpet when you are selecting a rug, its usually not a good idea to go with the cheapest ones on the shelf. They will fray, fade, crumble ( the bottom coating tend to crumble on cheaper kitchen and bathroom rugs) stain, and absorb odors quicker then the more expensive brands.

Finally, depending on where your rug is going it is wise to buy those which are machine washable. Most rugs can be machine washed or hand washed depending on the type of material used. Just check the tag or ask a sales associate to tell you whether or not you can wash it.

3). Timber Flooring : Hardwood or timber flooring is taking the flooring world by storm. People are discovering just how beautiful and rich these floors look. Timber flooring is also becoming more popular because there are some companies that make do- it-yourself wood flooring (i.e. click together planking). Timber flooring comes in very light to very dark tones and can even be made from refurbished wood. The finish typically lasts several years but longevity is determined by how good the home owner takes care of it. Scratching, wearing and water damage and dents can be a problem with timber flooring that is not well taken care of. It is for this reason, most people choose not to put wooden flooring in children's bedrooms. If you are deciding to put timber flooring in your home, do some research about the type of wood that you want, the color stain, and the durability. Timber floors are beautiful and can be enjoyed for quite a long time if properly taken care of.

In conclusion, flooring is one of the biggest parts of your home, it helps speak about who you are as a home owner and your decorating style. It is important you consider the use of the flooring before purchasing. Is practicality and durability major issues for you? Whatever you decide both carpet and timber floors can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home.