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Analyzing The Miami Heat Roster

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Dwyane Wade has a chance to win ring number 2!

Miami was one of the biggest winners in the free agency class led by the now infamous Lebron James. Not only did they get the three biggest fish in this year's free agency class, but they also got valuable pieces for less than their worth. The theme of the entire team was to take less money and sacrifice in order to get the best talent possible and get a ring. Let us examine the important pieces of the Heat roster.

-Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are of course the centerpiece and the core of this newly assembled team. The odds were stacked against Miami but the sly and cunning Pat Riley was able to pull it off. The slogan "Yes we did" should be "Yes he did." Pat pulled a move of Jerry Westesque proportions. Each of these players is hard to defend individually against and all demand double teams.

-Mike Miller and Eddie House - The players can both stroke it from down town. Though their defense is suspect, they can space the floor for Miami's "Big Three" to operate.

-Mario Chalmers and Carlos Arroyo - They will mainly be in chance of the point and setting up the "Big Three." While they many not be in the calibre of a Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Steve Nash, they can both run the offense.

-Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Dexter Pittman, Jamaal Magloire and Joel Anthony - These people are there to counter giants such as Yao Ming and Dwight Howard as well as tall teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers. While Z and Jamaal are past their prime, Dexter and Joel are serviceable young centers.

-Udonis Haslem - He is along with Dwyane Wade are the heart and soul of this franchise. He was an integral part of the 2006 championship squad and continues to be valuable because of his defense, rebounding and hustle.