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And The Campaign Begins... Today!

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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The much awaited days for the national candidates in the coming 2010 Elections has just begun. Today, February 9, is the date allowing all qualified and recognized national candidates by the Commission on Elections or COMELEC to start with their campaigns. Will the candidates and their volunteers adhere on COMELEC's campaign rules? Moreover, how will again the society embrace and welcome a once in a blue moon festive and generous campaigning of these leaders-wanna-be?

With the given global economic crisis and the fact of increasing rate among Filipino families who are in the lines of poverty and hunger the campaign period comes a blessing. There are many means where each of the members of the family can have their own way to earn. I remember one election season where kids are farming out leaflets of certain political group. They will need to distribute bunch of these flyers to people on the streets and in every household in exchange for a fee. Likewise teenagers and adults can take charge on putting up those campaign materials in places and structures visible to people. Even those people joining the campaign rallies of different political parties are being said to receive a certain rate or fee for doing so. Aside from fees generously given by candidates, there are also freebies in kind to watch out for. Stuff like fans, T-shirts, calendars, groceries and more items will surely circulate during the campaign period. And what else needed to attract more people to plank the rally, nothing else but the sparkling and gorgeous showbiz celebrities. The many and famous celebrities the better and that's a sure jam-packed of people.

But does the society can ever learn the true and righteous basis in choosing of whom to vote for? I hope and pray hard for that. The trash and dirt of these campaign period will bring can be easily stamped out and the festivity is just temporary but the adversity from choosing the wrong leaders for our country is a burden and crisis we need to deal with for years.

We can accept the money and the stuff, why not? They are freely giving it to us then take it. But in the end when the time for us to vote is there our freedom to choose for the righteous leaders of our country is still whole and uncompromised.