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Angels's Among Us

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Our Little Angel Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Before we come into the world we are angels in heaven, where we await the day we get to go meet our new parents. Our new parents can hardly wait to meet us; it is a happy day for all. Some of us grow up and forget that we were once . Then there are those who are angels each and everyday, they still have their wings and their halo’s and they are a true blessing in our lives.

The day Madison was born we were truly blessed; she came into the world ten years ago. She was a special Angel; she came to us with a broken wing. The doctors fixed her broken wing and she grew and was the most beautiful angel there ever was. Madison was so special she loved her family and she had a huge heart and loved others so much. She was a true angel. She enjoyed life to the fullest, she always had a kind word for everyone, and she had a beautiful smile and was full of laughter and fun. On The Seventh Of July Madison went back home to Heaven, none of us know how to make any sence out of it and we do not understand why her. Her mother and the rest of us are having a hard time understanding it all, I just know we are all very sad,

Madison touched so many lives not just her friends and family but everyone she met and even some that she never knew. Madison loved her parents so much; she once told me that all she wanted was for her mom to smile and not cry anymore after her grandfather who passed away.

God called for Madison to return to Heaven and every person she touched in life is full of grief and pain. Madison is and was in life a very special angel and we all thank God for every day that she was with us. There is an old saying that says God gives us our children as a gift from Heaven. When they are born into this world, they are ours and we get to hold them and love them teach them right from wrong. When our child is sick or scared we hold them tight and love them till they feel better again. Since God sends us the children we always have to remember that they are his and we are just keeping them safe for God, when he wants the children to return we have no power over it, they were Gods to begin with.

Today our angel is in Heaven watching over us; it was such a tragedy the day we lost Madison, she was just sitting in her sisters car when they were hit by a semi truck, not only did we lose Madison her sister will be forever changed because the driver was not paying attention. If I have learned anything from Madison in the years, I have known her, she was the angel that her mom loved so very much and a father to smile and know she was okay and know that she loved them very much as well as the other special people in her life.

Madison is now looking out for everyone from Heaven, and counting the days till those of us who loved her and adored her will join her. She would want her mom to know that her popop was taking care of her and that they just wanted her to smile again. Madison was one of those angels that always kept her wings and Halo and she is in a safe place now and can never be hurt again

For all those that have lost a child remember this, God lends us our children to teach them, love and hold them till it is time for them to go home. When they return back to Heaven we are to remember that they were a gift from God and on loan to us. We had a gift given to us and we were grateful for every moment, day or hour we had them.