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Are You Living Your Life Like It Was Your Last Lecture?

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Imagine you've been requested to give a speech to a group of students and faculty members and the subject matter is based on what you would wish to tell everyone if this were your last lecture before you died. Then imagine being a person who is actually dying and is actually presenting his last lecture - literally. How do you think you would fare under such a situation?

This is the situation that Dr. Randy Pausch found himself in, in the year 2007 and literally only days before he was asked to present a hypothetical"Last Lecture". He found out that pancreatic cancer which he'd fought and beaten once, had come back again with a vengeance and he had at most, 6 months to live.

After viewing his story on Youtube and discovering he had a book out by the same name, "The Last Lecture", I sat down and thought long and hard about what I would do in such a situation. What would anyone do? Anyone that is except for Dr. Pausch, because once you discover his story and experience the incredibly inspiring man he was, it's hard to even begin to fathom just how difficult he found it knowing he would not be around to care for his sons as they grew up.

I've thought often about Dr. Randy Pausch since learning of his story and it's because of his story that I and my husband decided that it was time to live our lives with joy, happiness and first and foremost by getting out of the house more often than we have been!

With the Internet, TV, Air conditioning and any other number of modern day conveniences that allow us to while away our lives within the comfortable confines of our homes, we tend to forget that there is life going on beyond the walls of our abodes. There are people whom we have never met that perhaps we should. There are sights we've never seen that would do us good to see. Experiences that alone might allow us to enjoy our day, our week, our life...a lot more!

Happiness increases quality of life

I notice that when I choose to be happy, regardless of what the day has thrown at me, I tend to be able to manage my events more easily. Sometimes I have to force myself to be happier but almost always I am rewarded by some small Karmic gesture from a total stranger or finding a dollar or two on the ground after I've just smiled at a perfect stranger.

All around us are opportunities that offer us the chance to live our lives with a smile on our faces most days and with a spring in our step that lets others know we love being alive!

Then, I think back to Dr. Pausch and the urgency with which he must have crammed as much living as possible into the time he had left and I ponder about the fact that I don't want to be placed in a position where I must rush to live my life as I wish I would have done it all along. I don't want to be told that my life will end earlier than I had imagined it would and then find myself trying to live with a vengence attempting to get through my own personal "bucket list".

Living life fully before our call for our Last Lecture arrives

Our world is amazing and so too are the many wonderful things that we can do within it. We can jet across continents, drive across countries, sail across oceans and hike up tall mountains...but do we? Most of us never leave the confines of the town or city that we live in. Many of us don't cross the borders of our country into another and even more of us never experience life in a foreign country or city.

For some of us, we have never done any of these things due to financial constraints, for others it's due to health issues. Does this mean we can't live our lives to the fullest right in our own locations? What about visiting museums that depict the rich tapestry of foreign countries? Perhaps learning about another era or visiting a special interest group that can offer a new or renewed interest in a particular skill or interest.

Hiking...every place has locations that can provide its citizens with a wonderful opportunity to take hikes. Whether flat terrain or hills, hiking is a wonderful way to stay fit and enjoy some great outdoor scenery and nature.

Even a simple visit to a local library can bring about a renewed level of enthusiasm for those who love books or who wish to take in an interesting talk given by a local author or individuals who have stories to share.

The important thing is to live!

There is an obvious correlation between an unhealthy lifestyle and a lack of interest in things that are beyond our residential walls and despite what some may think, we are not on this beautiful earth to simply live life one day at a time with a lack lustre interest that simply allows us to just float through it.

The importance of living...fully, completely and with a desire to experience wonderful, interesting and educational as well as fun times every day, is what gives each of us the opportunity to do something that many other living organisms in our world are unable to experience. The true opportunity to enjoy every waking moment by living it as we are meant to. When each of us chooses to view our lives as though our "Last Lecture" could be expected to be given tomorrow, it makes us open our eyes and realize we don't intend to perform our "Last Lecture" for many, many years to come!

Live your life like there is no tomorrow and your life will reward you with many, many more!

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