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Article On A Writing A Blog As A Hobby.

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Choosing to create a blog for a hobby is something that takes time, dedication and determination. Keeping the blog up to date is a must, at least one post per day and 250 words or more is a good start.

Finding a great template to compliment your blog takes a good while, because you have to search different places to find the perfect one. Depending on the type of blog you are writing you may or may not want a template or theme to fit the blog.

If starting a business blog, you'll need to find a template that will fit the business theme rather than a theme with flowers and cartoon characters.

People like good, informative posts and tutorials.

Starting tutorials on a blog should be clear, have an image showing each step so that the viewer can understand how to do the tutorial better. Take your time in writing to be sure you have each step of the specific tutorial worked out, and re check it for any spelling errors, spelling errors are a turn off to the viewer in a blog post or even an article.

Take the blog you have created and submit it to different blog directories, this way you can gather more views from these places. Another way to gain notice is search for blogs over a search engine, something that is related to your own blog and then hit the follow button. Be sure to leave a good comment on the persons blog whom you have followed, rude comments don't get you anywhere.

Once you've done the above steps your well on your way to get exposure to your blog, people like new and exciting things each day, so be sure to search around for new ideas, but never steal any content from someone else.

Stealing content from another blogger or article writer is illegal and can get you into some serious trouble, most of the written material is copyright. Adding images to your blog for each post also draws a great crowd, but be sure to be careful of what images you use as well, it is best to use your own.