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As You Wish, Ma'am, Sir.

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While I was reading a newspaper, an article title caught my eye. It was in the opinion section of the Philippine daily Inquirer written by Samito Jalbuena entitled “death of the academe”. He pointed now that some teachers are producing students who cannot question and problematize the existing and the accepted. If the academe remained largely with this system may be we can produce a nation of “Yes people”.

It is truth that most students today encounter difficulties in raising their own points and question the validity of the teacher’s thought. Yes sir/yes ma’am is an act of agreeing to one thought that can be encountered most of the time in school. Although it is also an act of respect to one teacher, it should be subjected to their keen thinking if it is indeed fact or opinion.

What could possibly be the reasons why most of the students just agree to what their teacher says? I think the following could be some points to consider:

• Fear. They don’t want to have misunderstanding with the teacher. They might also have some apprehension whether the teacher could get back at them with their grades. Though, I think the teachers would appreciate it more if their students ask questions since this indicates that the students are listening and hinting that they do actually want to learn.

• Students don’t appreciate the importance of the topic. They might just be bored with the subject or with the discussion.

• Students might not want to answer follow up or counter questions that the teacher could ask.

• To reduce the possibility of lengthening the class lesson because of the questions.

These beliefs, practices, and habits during school life could translate to the workplace.

• Employees might just follow the task being asked of him even if it was already unethical or outside their job descriptions.

• Government officials follow to the greater authority without questioning the nature of the task even if it is already against the laws or the constitutions that the government itself has set up.

• Teachers who don’t have the welfare of their students’ education in their hearts. They might just not exert effort in giving their best that the students get a good quality education that the teacher could possibly give.

Schools should produce students who can articulate and use their critical thinking to check the validity of the thought they are going to get. Students should question the existing fact for the better formulating of a most appropriate answer to the question and to prevent the possible consequences stated in this discussion.

The movie “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey might give a more positive effect on saying “Yes” to things. Still, even the movie disclaimed that people have the rationality to think and the instinct to say “Yes” to what they truly want and when to actually say “No”.