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Attack Of The Trojans!!

strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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My bother's computer recently caught a virus that has totally and completely wiped out and shut down his computer, it is so bad, the system doesn't even start up anymore.

My coworker caught the same virus, did the same to her computer.

Apparently it is some kind of Trojan virus that attaches itself to your computer and it sends you pop up messages that you have 26 viruses on your computer, then another one will be sent saying you have 49 viruses on your computer, another that you now have 3 viruses then it goes back up to 30 viruses and so on.

When this was happening to my brother's computer he was wondering why his computer's anti-virus protection wasn't working, so when he called the Geek Squad, they explained to him that it is a type of Trojan that attacks and attaches to the internal part of the computer, and can't be removed unless done by a professional. It completely erases and wipes out everything off your computer, it takes control of everything.

My co worker visited a construction site and that site sent out this virus to her computer. The company advised that she purchase their product to remove the Trojan with.

When my brother did a security scan, Norton Protection advised him to try removing any viruses, so he did, and the virus deleted everything!

Geek Squad said they can fix the problem, but it will cost well over $200.00!!

I have been getting alot of crazy emails that are obviously viruses being sent to my computer, I don't open any of them, except one! Unfortunately I had not realized that it was a virus until I read the message and noticed that alot of the words were spelled wrong. I order alot online, and I had just ordered something online and was having it sent by UPS, I got an email claiming to be from UPS tracking my order, so I naturally thought it was not a virus, I called UPS and sure enough they told me it wasn't from them, it is a virus they are aware of going around. Lucky for me it didn't crash my computer! I have also recieved emails from Facebook administration wanting me to confirm password changes, I know I haven't changed my password, so I don't open them. I am getting tired of all the viruses going around online!

Just a heads up to all of you, if you get any of those virus messages popping up on your computer, take it in ASAP! Don't try to remove it yourself!