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Attu Verse

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Right Now is a great time to sign up for AT&T U-Verse. Numerous discounted offers are now available for new customers. For current customers, AT&T is now offering HBO to subscribers for FREE for 3 months. Sign up now before the deadline of March 22, 2010! If you are a current U-Verse customer and do not currently have HBO, you can take advantage of this offer with no cost. There are 2 ways for you to sign up today.

1. Go to att.com/hbonow and sign up online

2. You can call AT&T directly to sign up at 1-866-721-7083, just request the offer when you call.

Why AT&T U-Verse?

I have been a customer myself for almost 2 years now and have been very happy with it. I have tried various cable network providers like Cox, Comcast, and Time Warner. I have been a customer of Dish Network as well as DirecTV. I truly have to say that AT&T U-verse is my current pick of cable and internet providers. That said, I also know there are alot of people who would beg to differ with me. However, for me, the service has been extremely reliable and the number of channels available with U-Verse blows all the other providers away. I never really paid much attention to HD until we installed U-Verse and now, even with all the SD channels we receive, over 90% of our time is spent watching only the HD channels, of which AT&T continually keeps adding more and more channels available in HD.

Another great selling point for me was the Smaller size receivers. The U-Verse receivers are half the size of most cable and satellite receivers on the market, and they can sit flat or stand up vertically for easy placement. The built in features are very nice as well. We have 5 TV's currently hooked up to a receiver in our home and love the fact that we can record a program in any room and then play it back on any other TV in the house. If we want to get up and switch rooms during playback, we can pause it in one room and resume it in another. We have 2 laptops running nonstop in the home on the internet feed of U-Verse and usually have 2 TV's going at the same time on an HD channel and do not lose any quality on either the TV or the internet. There are many other nice features built into U-Verse. The on screen guide is one of the best. You can post photos online and play them back on your TV with the online photos feature. You can search via AT&T yellow pages on screen as well. And you can play games, check out weather locally or afar, and many time AT&T has other options like right now I can go on screen and check out previews of all the Oscar Nominated films this year and even Vote for my pick in several categories.

Overall, AT&T U-verse has been worth its money for my family. There are a number of bundle options available for cable, internet and phone, that a new subscriber may choose from. We do not have phone, but are considering adding it soon. As for the cable and internet service they provide, we are very pleased with our choice.