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Audio Books

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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I have always loved to read, and nothing about that has changed. Except that I really have trouble finding time to do it! Between working full time, running the family taxi service, housework, shopping, and preparing meals, there isn’t a whole lot of spare time left over for me to curl up with a good book. If I don’t get to read, though, I begin to feel deprived and start to feel sorry for myself.

So I asked for an iPod for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago, and now my problem is solved! Audio books are fabulous! I never knew I would look forward to doing dishes, cooking meals, or driving here and there in the car! Now I have my stories to keep me company and I can get my reading fix while busy doing the necessary chores life involves. I also listen to my books when I go to bed and find it’s the perfect way to help me relax and drift off to sleep when the time is right.

Since I began to listen to audio books, I have “read” so many good books that I totally would have missed otherwise. It is the perfect compromise for me. Actually, I don’t think of it as a compromise anymore, but as an actual improvement over reading in a number of ways. For one, reading is a bit hard on the eyes as we get older. After a day’s work, my eyes tend to be tired and it’s good to not have to put extra strain on them. Another wonderful thing about audio books is the theatrical element a good narrator can add to the story. Some audio books are even stylized with music and several actors reading the separate characters’ parts. The world of audio book readers is a whole other genre for aspiring actors and some of them are exceptional in the extreme! Once you find a reader you enjoy, you can find other books they have read just like many of us follow the authors that we enjoy.

It is important to protect your ears when you listen to books often, though. My iPod has settings for me to limit the volume I am able to attain. This is to protect me from inadvertently damaging my hearing with a volume burst. Sometimes, when driving, I am tempted to turn up the volume to compensate for road noise, but I try to limit the volume for my hearing, and for safety’s sake.

In my opinion, listening to a book is as viable a way to enjoy it as reading it, and is, in all truth, an even richer experience than the old fashioned way!