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Audio Books: Listen Your Way Through Books

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With the advent of today's Smart Phones more of us are moving toward a more convenient way to "read" some of our favorite books. Most of us have heard of Amazon's Kindle ebook reader but another popular way to enjoy a favorite book is to listen to it.

Audio books are my favorite way of enjoying most of the books that I've taken in over the past several months. I find myself seeking out this version of a book before I will pick up the printed version. Not all books that I'm interested in are in audio book format but those that are I have found to be quite enjoyable.

I own the Android based HTC Magic smart phone and with it I can easily upload audio books & e-books to it and then take the phone with me to Doctor appointments, on walks or even where ever I am in the house and listen to a book while I'm busy doing housework, waiting for my turn to see my Doctor or getting that much needed exercise I've promised myself.

One of my favorite places to obtain audio books is of course from my local library. Another place is from LearnOutloud.com. They offer a large number of audio books and they have a large selection that they offer for free. Another site that offers a nice selection is AudioBooks.com as well as Audible.com. Both of these sites sell the majority of their selections offering immediate download once payment is processed.

Another great place to obtain audio books is a place called Librivox which offers up a superb collection of audio books that are in the public domain and therefore are free to download. Most of the titles from this site are taken from written works scattered around the Internet and through the generosity and dedication of volunteers are put into audio format.

By taking advantage of audio books and listening to them from your computer, laptop, smart phone or MP3 player, it's easier than ever to take a book with you almost anywhere you go and enjoy it anytime you have a spare minute or two. The selection is as varied as the many voices that bring the books alive for us. Choosing from self-help to fiction such as murder mysteries, romance, etc., through to educational titles that help us to learn a variety of subjects, I don't think audio books are going to become a thing of the past for some time.

I currently have three audio books installed on my cell phone. All three are self-help or information titles and with the touch of a button I can call up the book I'm interested in listening to and begin enjoying it immediately. The convenience of audio books means that now no one has any excuse not to be able to take advantage of at least one great book a year, but if you are like me, once you begin "reading" in this manner you'll find it addictive and reminiscent of that scrumptious chocolate cake you sometimes have for dessert. You just can't stop after a nibble! Audio books are the same way and once you become accustomed to "reading" in this manner I'm pretty certain you'll find your appetite for more books growing and that's a good thing!