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Avoiding Alzheimers

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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If you have known or loved anyone that has been afflicted by Alzheimer 's disease, you understand just how devastating it can be. The person you loved slowly disappears before your eyes and the empty shell of their body is all that is eventually left behind.

This is a disease that we all want to avoid if at all humanly possible! Doctors say that keeping your mind working and learning is a good way to prevent the disease, together with a healthy diet low in cholesterol and plenty of exercise.

Some of the activities that are recommended in order to keep the mind elastic are:

Learn something new every day. Maybe you have always wanted to learn to speak Spanish. Why not start now? There are some terrific software programs available - or even taking a class could be fun. Or either learn to play an instrument, or keep learning in order to improve your talents on an instrument you already play. Even reading a good book will help to keep your mind active, so indulge yourself in good read often.

Solve riddles and do puzzles. Crossword puzzles are good, and computer games like Nintendo's BrainAge also help keep your mind stimulated. A good online resource that is free is braingle.com where you will find all kinds of brain teasing puzzles and games.

Shake things up. Take an alternate route to work and home. When we do things by habit, our brains are not really engaged. It is good to have to think about it rather than to be on "automatic pilot". Try using your right hand instead of your left hand for eating and writing. Try getting dressed with your eyes closed.

Memorize things. Start small with just a short passage and work your way up to a favorite poem or quotation. Work on it every day until it is easy to recite.

There is a brain quiz you can take here http://www.neurobics.com/comments.html to find out whether you had better get started