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Bad Experience In Macau

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My aunt and I went to Hong Kong and stayed there for 5 nights. Our package included a tour of Hong Kong for 1 whole day then Disney for a day and another day in Shenzhen.

We enjoyed our stay in Hong Kong. In Shenzhen, well, they just brought us where we can go shopping and it was not really much. We just had our photos taken in some spots and declared that we were able to set food in mainland China.

Now, we had one day to spare. We wanted so much to go to Macau and since it was only a one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong, we decided to go. But before that, we went on foot for a sight-seeing and picture taking of some places in Hong Kong that were just near our hotel. Then we took a cab and went to the pier where we were supposed to take the ferry to Macau.

It was almost lunchtime when we got to the ferry station. So we bought our round-trip tickets and expected to stay in Macau for some photo opps even for just three hours because we are aware that Macau is quite a small place. We did not want to go shopping, just some sight seeing.

When we got to Macau, a driver who spoke in English, approached us and offered a deal. For a certail fee, he will drive us around Macau. But this driver was deceitful. Instead of driving us to the destinations that he offered, he first offered that we have lunch. We wanted to eat dimsum, but he encouraged us to eat Portuguese food. Since we have not tried Portuguese Food, we went. But he brought us to a really expensive diner that took soooo long to serve. So we already wasted time and money. Then we were finished eating, we could not find him immediately. Our waiter had to call his company and his company had to call his cellphone so that he will come to us.

We told him that we don't want to waste time. We just want to go to the next tourist stop. You know where he brought us? He brought us to a factory outlet where he said we could shop. We told him we will not shop, he said, go! go! We went down and stayed for 10 minutes. When we came for him, we could not find him again. Grrr!!! Finally after several minutes, we found him.

He drove us to the Ruins of St. Paul. But from where he could park, it was still a long walk to the Ruins, so we spent so much time there. Then we finally got back to the car, we could not find him again. When we found him, after wasting so much time, he brought us to a temple. We had a short picture taking there and when we went back to the car, he was gone again. We made scandalous noise in Macau by honking his car horn many many times!

Then we went to the Fisherman's area where we had picture taking again. This was a big place so it took a lot of time there.

But if it were not for our driver who wasted our time, we would have gone to still so many places. We were so mad at him. But he just did not answer. He intentionally wasted our time so that he can save on gas because he knew that we were going back to Hong Kong at an appointed time.

So I believe it is best to go on a guided package tour. Even if it costs a little bit, it is better than having to with that guy who wasted our time. Going abroad is not something that we do everyday so the time wasted meant money and opportunity lost.