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Bagrrys White Oats, Porridge From Wonder Grains

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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I was searching for a naturally rich, superior soluble fibre for the breakfast that would make my mornings healthy and hearty. With age catching up fast I needed to look for a proper substitute for ‘bread and butter toast’. It was then when I was introduced to oats by dietician. However, having said that, after trying a few brands I wasn’t satisfied. Around this time, my sister suggested Bagrry’s and guess what since then I have been finding it to be very effective and healthy. It’s rich in soluble fibres and not as bland as the other cereals I had tried. My father takes it often and the gastrointestinal problem, that he suffers from, has virtially gone now. I try not to miss the porridge for it leaves me with a satisfaction, kick starting my day. It is indeed a ‘healthy porridge from a wonder grain’ and keeps me fit, fine and hearty.

Even though, I have to literally beg my mom to start eating it, I know she will eventually since she loves to experiment with diet and she is not a fussy eater. She usually eats whole wheat home made breads (roti) which is considered very healthy as well. But preparing it in the morning, especially considering my job hours, is bit of a hassle. Bagrry's is just great for my kind of scenario. No hassle, no trouble and in no time you are prepared for the day.

I had a problem in between when the brand was not being sold due to internal policy matters with the dealers. I was desperately looking for it on every outlet. Luckily the issuse has been resolved now and I have just bought a new pack. The grains this time, I noticed, has a more granular texture and more heavy but they have retained the same subtle flavor that has been its signature for years. Thanks Bagrry for making my mornings so healthy!