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Bang On Target Bombadier!English Ale.

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Wells Bombadier English Ale.

Bombadier is something I personally I happen to like, and due to the fact that many people on here are from the USA, I feel I should try to explain something about this product. I do this so Americans will understand a little about British beers.

Bombadier is produced by the Wells company, which is based in Bedford. They are an independent family brewery, specialising in a small selection of English Ales. Bombadier is one example. I will start with the container. It is an amber glass bottle, containing some 500 ml or half a litre. The top is the familiar Crown cork, which requires a bottle opener. The sell by date is marked on the neck of the bottle, although you may struggle to find it. This is a bespoke bottle, (I will add a description of the word "bespoke, it simply means that something is an item which is custom-made to the customer's specification)" therefore bottles made just for them, and it has three labels. The top label is on the neck, this carries the coat of arms and a logo, "drink of England".

The next label is on the back, this is the mundane one which nobody actually reads, but contains information like a description of the contents. There is a list of ingredients, which I will not add here, but I will mention that the main ingredient is water. No surprise there then, apart from the fact that the water used is actually mineral water, from their own natural well!

Other information on this label is the strength of the brew, this is 5.2% alcohol by volume. There is a website also displayed, this is very interesting. If you require any information not contained in my article, you may find it on-line. You will also see a symbol telling you that the contents of this bottle equates to 2.6 UK units of alcohol, this is part of a campaign to make people drink responsibly. The front label is the one on show on the shelves. This is in the shape of a shield, white with a red cross of St George. The maker's name is prominent, as is the Bombadier name. There is also the coat of arms again, plus the phrase "brewers since 1876".

The beer is marketed as a premium bitter, and is very smooth. There is a distinct aftertaste, reminiscent of sultanas. There is a nice creamy head, and a lovely malty aroma. The bitter is strong, but not too strong. It should be served at just below room temperature, and poured into a pint glass on one go.

I can recommend this particular drink, especially if you like ales and strong bitters. I hope you can try this, but please don't chill it! Cheers!