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Barking Dogs

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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Are you a responsible pet owner? If there was a CPS (Child Protective Services) for pets, would you be reported for neglect? When you brought that sweet and adorable little puppy into your home (and neighborhood), did you think about what a big responsibility it was going to be?

There are many joys to being a pet owner, but along with that comes a lot of commitment. This article is referring specifically to dog owners. Dogs are very active and needy animals and when you decide to adopt one (or more), you need to be aware of the necessary requirements to keep one content and healthy. Just feeding and house training alone really is not nearly enough of the kind of attention a dog needs in order to be well behaved and well adjusted.

Exercise is one of the keys to keeping your dog happy. Your dog will need to have opportunity to run, or at least walk, every day. Failure to provide ample exercise for your dog borders on cruelty - especially for young animals.

Teaching a dog takes a lot of patience and consistency. If you are complacent about training your puppy, chances are your dog will be unruly and uncontrollable. This can make you and your entire household miserable over the long term.

And then there is the spillover of your household misery right into the neighborhood. If your dog is unhappy, barking at anything and everything might be its only form of entertainment. Many dog owners can't take listening to their animals barking in the house and put them outside. Oh thanks! Now your problem is my problem!

I really resent having to listen to a neighbor's dog barking endlessly. This is especially the case when I'm trying to get my sleep to be ready for my next work day. It gets to the point where I just want to go knock on the neighbor's door to tell them, "I CAN'T SLEEP!"

If you have a barking dog, PLEASE think about the affect the continuous noise might be having on your neighbors. If you are the suffering neighbor, here are some tips for you: 1. Try talking to your neighbor to let them know you are bothered. Chances are they just don't realize it. (?) 2. Record the barker and post it on YouTube. Send your neighbor either an email or a letter (anonymously, if you want), with a link to your video. 3. As a last resort, contact the animal control people in your area and show THEM your video.