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Be Unique With Unique Skins.Com

By Amanda Rinaldi on
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skin on back of phone

I stumbled upon uniqueskins.com while looking for a phone cover skin that would protect my Quickfire phone. I have used other sites like Skinit.com to cover my laptop and my old phone; but, I was ready for something a little different.

Since I got a new phone, I was super excited to find a new cover that could both express myself as an individual and prevent unnecessary scratches from occurring. Of course, being an avid art fan, I searched for sites that offered unique and cool designs. I then found uniqueskins, where I was shown a plethora of floral designs and colors for all types of electronic devices. I felt like a kid at a candy store with all the variety and options! There are many categories, ranging from sports and college logos to Disney movie characters and very colorful, trendy designs. When I finally narrowed my choices down to five, I chanced upon another awesome discovery: I could create my own skin design.

Once again, my mind was buzzing with endless possibilities, racing from one particular pattern to another. After much deep thought, I decided to continue my Disney theme that I had established with my earlier skins. I found images of "The Lion King", and positioned the .jpg images precisely to my liking, for both the front and back-end of the phone. With a click and a confirmation email, my unique skin was quickly shipped and delivered to my house within two days.

I was so excited to see my own unique skin, in all its glory. Upon application, my phone looked as if it was given a major make-over. My phone looked great; this skin really captured my artistic vision! I never felt so proud! And to this day, I get many compliments about my phone cover, from many a Lion King fan! I highly recommend uniqueskins.com. The prices are competitive and the skins always fashionable!