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Become A Good Guitar Player

Brian Lamacraft By Brian Lamacraft on
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You can become a good guitar player with dedication to the craft of making music. Good guitar players spend countless hours studying music and even more putting that music into practice. Here are some tips to become a good guitar player

If you are just starting out on the instrument be sure you have a decent guitar. This doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy a Gibson or a Martin but don’t use a cheap, lousy guitar. You’ll only get frustrated if you can’t play the strings on the instrument. I have had guitar students that come in with guitars that have strings so far off the fretboard you could use it as a lap steel. Fender, Gibson, and other guitar makers make great starter guitar packages for beginners to the instrument so those are perfect choices.

If you want to learn properly, be sure to get a teacher in the beginning stages. You need a teacher to show you the basics and the proper technique such as fingering or basic chords. While you can learn by yourself, a teacher will point you in the right direction and get those basics covered. Later on, can certainly teach yourself and learn plenty from books, DVDs and the Internet on place such as YouTube. Your local music school or musical instrument stores are places to go to find a good teacher. Some websites online offer lessons from qualified teachers so check those out too.

Be prepared to spend at least thirty minutes per day practicing your instrument. You need to develop hand strength and coordination to play the guitar. Spending less than thirty minutes a day and trying to do it all in one day is not the way to go. Younger players usually have more time so aim for an hour or more. Make sure you have all your instruction books, picks, music and a plan to make the most of your time. Practice chords, scales, songs, and try to improvise some and make up your own material. Invest in a good metronome and use that to help keep time as you practice. New players need to learn how to keep time and the metronome helps with that.

To get good you need to avoid the temptation to play other people’s songs all the time. It’s great to learn songs from other bands and this helps you learn but eventually you’ll want to make up your own material. You need to get some music theory behind you or at least know how to make chord progressions so you can make up your own stuff. There is nothing better than showing someone something that you wrote. Get a recording device so you can record yourself playing the guitar and buy a USB device for your computer so you can record from there too.

Never be afraid to ask questions on forums and talk with other musicians. Get feedback on music you write and learn from the better players. As soon as possible, you should plan to play guitar with other people such as your guitar teacher since it will improve your playing rapidly. Never be negative towards your playing and always look at ways you can improve. You do need skill but the right attitude and a willingness to learn will help you rise above mediocre and into the realm of a good player.