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Been Had Him' Bin Laden

James Armistead By James Armistead on
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"Duck Hunt" remains one of my favorite all time video games, and it is due to the simplicity of the game itself? Not only were the diabolical ducks plump enough to move like molasses; but, they were more than considerate in the amount of time they spent onscreen as well. With each minute that passed by; the duck would travel from the east of my television screen to the west. Only to double back for a round trip, and an assured electronic death brought to fruition from my imitation 'Colt .45' affectionately named the 'Nintendo Zapper'. This zig-zag approach to defense was never effective in the video game, nor was its efficiency demonstrated by O'sama' Bin Laden himself. It was not an effective defense; a cunning mindset, or a strategic prowess that allowed O'sama to elude facilities for these past few years. No, it was the lackadaisical attitude from governments like the U.S. that permitted his escape multiple times before his final showdown this past May 2, 2011. An attitude very similar to the one I had as a 7-year-old adolescent who became bored easily after successfully completing several levels of assassinating innocent Anatidae family members. It became routine. The presumption made, was they could be killed at my will. Murdered within the boundaries and confines of my timeframe. I was the architect of their destruction and the surgeon assigned the task of relieving them of any resemblance of a life-force. Surely, this God-like egoism, and narcissism couldn't be compared to the martyr-like actions displayed by Barack O'Bama in his quest to dismantle fanatical Islam? No one could compare the actions of the presidency to those of a lethargic youth. Could they?

In 1991, the world's favorite tyrant and terrorist was making his first major impact on the communities in Saudi Arabia. Believing that he was bringing strength and improvement to the region, he stationed his militant followers in the northern territory as a contrasting force to the American Soldiers who were then occupying the space. In his delusions of grandeur; he had demanded protection from the Saudi monarchy. The royal family rejected his demands. They saw him as an enemy to the state as they were then, US Allies. Osama's' speeches only incited chaos. He had such a profound impact that his new-found infamy led to his banishment. This was the first opportunity the United States had to take out Public Enemy number one, but they did not. Instead he was left to continue orchestrating and planning out devious acts of terrorism that frightened the world as a whole. "Duck Hunt" would have put forth more of a resistance than O'Sama at that point in his career.

By 1998 O'sama had made himself more recognizable than any other non-elected tyrant this world had seen. His continued slander against the "infidels" and the express hatred for the ideologies of the west, isolated O'Sama and his deep recruitment of believers. They took solace in anyplace that welcomed the worlds' most dangerous believers. They believed they would continue to receive future blessings. This time they took residence in Egypt and Algeria, two predominantly Muslim areas that are dedicated to the cause that O'Sama had set forth. Withiin the first year of his radical movement in Egypt, O'Sama had outlined and executed a plan that cost the lives of hundreds who worked in US Embassy's in either country. Reports of his whereabouts surfaced and were relayed to the government officials in charge of locating the CIA's Most Wanted, and yet O'Sama still got away. Next came, September 11, 2001, one of America's all time worst historical tragedies. It was a day that heightened the fear of many worldwide. O'Sama's reach had finally landed on American Soil on the Northern American continent. This type of strike would surely cause retaliation in defense of one's country. If someone had committed the same act on a household, the owner, would surely have chased the culprit down for a proper thrashing in the nearest available alleyway. Is this what the United States did. Not until May 2, 2011, but surely that was because we were unaware of his whereabouts...Except for the report we received on October 18, 2010, where military and political staff were aware of O'Sama Bin Ladens' refuge in North Western Pakistan. Here again, making his same eastern trek across the middle east; O'Sama is in the open making demands of his followers and leading the revolution. How is it possible that the worlds' most wanted man, maneuvered cross-country borders and in the scope of the CIA and was still free to roam?

I can only guess that the CIAs' "Zapper" became unplugged from the system and they were unable to squeeze off a few rounds before O'Sama lazily ducked behind the foliage and forestry of the Pakistani - Afghan - Iranian - Saudi tundra. I can only assume that Middle Eastern Mocking Dog appeared on the screen laughing and pointing at the military in humorous gestures of sarcasm at their failed attempts. Or, I can assume like everything else in politics, that the capture or murder of O'Sama Bin Laden was a pre-meditated and planned out event that was strategically delayed to save the American Spirit when it was at its lowest. The current economic hardships and decrease in labor, and productivity, and including the current increased exposure on illegal immigration have devastated the country to a recession-like atmosphere that hasn't been present for decades. It is entirely possible that our government were aware these times may surface and kept O'Sama stashed safely away for a rainy day. For a time when we will need a hero to come forth and show power and perseverance even against the most formidable opponents. And we all know, there's only one hero strong enough to end the type of tyranny one such as O'Sama could construct. If you don't know...I will let you guess.